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Greetings Soul Creators, Visionaries, and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Are you a heart centered, highly conscious business owner, CEO, Top Performing Industry Performer, with a magical vision for your reality, business, and ultimately the Greater World around us?

Do you have the vision, but struggle to keep the motivation, consistency, and energetic flow needed to be at the absolute top of your game?

Do you feel like you are being “blocked”, “stuck”, or confused with the successful implementation of your business and effect it is having on the world around you, and your creations?

Are you a highly conscious business owner, looking to break through an energetic plateau towards infinitely greater levels of success in your life?

Do you feel that no matter how long you work, and how hard you try, there is something keeping you stuck in your current paradigm?

Do you KNOW you deserve to BLAST OFF your business and financial success?  Are you ready to catapult into levels of abundance previously unimaginable?

Have you ever found yourself facing issues in life, spirituality, and business with NO ONE who understands your unique, highly conscious, and creative perspectives?

Do you CRAVE an advisor, spiritual guide, or guiding light to help assist you on your mission, business, and financial success?

Are you looking for “metaphysical, magickal, and esoteric solutions to mundane, 3rd dimensional problems?

Do you WISH you had the knowledge to EFFORTLESSLY create a life FILLED with abundance, wealth, prosperity, and success?

Do you WISH you had the support and guidance of a revolutionary metaphysical, wizard consultant to six and seven figure business leaders, who helps create REAL CHANGE, guaranteeing you FASTER and EASIER financial prosperity and abundance.,

It happens to all of us…we FEEL an “energetic  plateau” within ourselves and our business successes.


How We Can Help You

Tanuj Soodan, The leader and creative visionary of The Matrix Unveiled and School of Mysticism, has been studying the metaphysical, occult, esoteric, spiritual, and magical arts for over twenty years. Our uniquely crafted metaphysical consulting services specialized in exponentially boosting the successes and capabilities of top level CEO’s, businesses, and Cryptocurrency traders, and high level entrepreneurs. As a heart centered company, we focus on using advanced spiritual technologies and understanding of metaphysical and quantum magick, to manifest and create your reality exactly how you envision it. Our goal is to make your heart’s deepest desire into tangible, physical reality. Stop searching in  the material realm for solutions, it’s time to embrace the energetic reality and understand, you need an expert guide to create the metaphysical success into the physical. We use our expert Gnosis and understanding of advanced quantum magickal teachings, to finetune the energetic forces of reality to help guide and steer your energy field into revolutionary levels of abundance, success and prosperity.

We specialize in providing metaphysical solutions to physical problems and obstacles within your heart centered business operations. Whether its overall vision clarity, team congruence, opening the gates towards prosperity, upscaling, protecting your business from threats, lawsuits, and other harmful forces.

Examples of Our Quantum Magickal Services:

  • Brand and Logo Name Energetic Thoughtform Activation (Create a brand your customers know, recognize, and LOVE!)

  • Create Team Congruency and Expansion (get all team members to embody your desired frequency, and harmonious goal optimization)

  • Road Opening Spells, open the Gateways for Abundance and Success

  • Business Protection Spells and Shielding Against Competitors, Libel and Slander, and Legal Authorities

  • Catapulting and Revolutionizing Your Business Ventures 1000%+

  • Cryptocurrency Financial Successes and Prosperity, Optimal Investment Strategies, Trends, and Ventures (10X your investment)

  • Ritual Magick For The Optimal Timeline Creation

  • Remote viewing and Astral Gnosis Cosmic Intelligence Reports and Data Presentations

  • Filmed Energetic Video Rituals + Written Document Data



Previous Client Relations:

A client of mine came to me recently, and told me about his struggle with manifesting his reality effectively, in consistent action and dimension. He felt stuck, confused, and like his spiritual abilities and financial development was plateauing, not increasing.

He felt his mind was foggy and unclear, as he lacked direction, vision, and of course, a means to execute it effectively. Hearing these conundrums, I immediately offered to help him, by letting him know, his situation was energy based, and that we would need to dive deep into the energetics and frequencies of his energy field, as well as an overall metaphysical approach

Our client immediately began to benefit, and received immense energy previously, and in the beginning of the road opening ritual. He had already commented and noted that he felt a new possibility and new timeline starting to build within his consciousness. Simply from the beginning stages of these rituals. These rituals alone are extremely powerful.

Example of Previous Client Rituals:

Rituals of Abundance

(Draws successes, prosperity, and powerful, business relations towards the client) 

Rituals of Protection

Rituals of Attraction and Love: 


The Birth of Metaphysical 

Consulting: Service Details

It came to me recently while working with an existing client that there were certain issues and questions that he and I alone could not figure out and therefore, I had discussed with him after playing around for a while with different rituals, energy rituals, and metaphysical incantations as well as sigil and spell workings that I would perform for him, professionally created ritual magic and incantations to energetically boost his dreams, goals, and aspirations.

In fact, I have performed various rituals for dozens of clients in the past and I recently have begun the process of offering monthly consistent energy and magical rituals to clients in combination with spiritual life coaching and overall metaphysical consulting.

Thus, birthed a brand new, high paying high ticket exclusively available, magical and mystical service known as mine as dawn ridges, metaphysical consulting service, this service is for the true wizard and manifestor of his or her reality, who desires a wizard aid to work in conjunction with him or herself in manifesting and creating the absolute perfect reality possible.

Today, I would like to introduce you to my brand new spiritual, entrepreneurial and metaphysically based service that I am providing to my high end, high paying high ticket offer clients. This is the most exclusive and powerful service I have offered to date.

Since ancient times, leaders and those in power would consult mystics, magicians, and occultists. As a masterful wizard, magician, and manifestor of my reality after having worked in the field of metaphysics for over 20 years and dedicating my life to this very cause. It is my obligation and my duty to provide this service to the those whom seek my services. highest paying clients and customers. Because of the time and energetic effort required to sufficiently produce the following reports Therefore I charge an immense amount and this is my highest ticket offer starting at $15,000 per month.

Tanuj’s Metaphysical Consulting Services Include:

  • Dedicated and detailed energetic, metaphysical insight, cosmic intelligence including vital critical data/information to clients to 10X, 100x or even 1000X current results, operations, sales, clients, and overall success and business results.

  • Weekly metaphysical coaching calls dedicated towards business vision and success strategy optimization

  • Dedicated filmed video energetic ritual reports and top intelligence data dedicated specifically towards business optimization, successes, and harmonization

  • Dedicated professional military grade psychic remote viewing astral gnosis cosmic intelligence reports

  • Dedicated intelligence reports to gather intel for your specific conversation or situation.

  • Weekly books, videos, articles and blog post recommendations as well as study notes and other various reference materials to boost your progress.

Additionally, all access passes to the School of Mysticism Membership and video course training guides. This exclusive bundle is for a serious initiate one who is looking for absolute mastery and perfected reality control in the reality I do want to let you know I already do have existing clients for this service. Therefore, I am very busy performing the magical and mystical work for my existing clients. And I do also want to make note that I offer this service because I know the power of my abilities metaphysically and energetically and that I can guarantee 1,000%+ returns on your investment for what you are investing in

You will receive 1,000% benefits from our conversation together by metaphysical consulting services are going to now be available and it’s very important you understand that this service i

When Spiritual Life Coaching meets Ritual Magick + Astral Remote Viewing and Gnosis Reports + Weekly Metaphysical Consulting Calls








How It Works: 

The Science Behind Ritual Magick 

In Manifestation and 

Reality Creation

The rituals work by providing specific energy focused intention and will on a dedicated cause or field of study. For example, the initial few rituals that I have provided for my existing clients in the services have been rituals on creating and an up leveling the amount of prosperity in one’s life rituals to increase love success and fertility rituals to create happiness and positivity. rituals to banish lower energy forces and to create energetic shields around one’s aura for protection and health rituals to increase energetic vibrancy, potency and lifeforce energy rituals to create heart happiness become more attuned to the magical currents and rituals to increase your psychic abilities. Essentially, any form of ritual can be performed to boost the energy levels and create the desired results in one’s reality.

Therefore nothing is off the table. All possibilities can be achieved when I must also understand that Additionally, the second part of this metaphysical consulting service involves my addition of five to 10 page, video and pdf documents. Additionally, I always film every single ritual that I perform, therefore, for your viewing pleasure. So you can experience the ritual firsthand in person.

I find that very important to do. That will let you know I really did perform your ritual and it did activate what it was to do. You will also begin to feel the energy as I perform the ritual. Next I would like to talk to you about the astral reports that I perform to help create insightful Gnosis and wisdom and understanding about your direction and the specific specificities of your service or goals. In life.

These astral notices reports are a combination of remote viewings, channelings and divine downloads from the cosmic source where I gathered astral data and form it in five to 10 page reports. And then professionally written reports on the subject of your desire. This can be anything from a point in history to a place to how a certain frequency will play out or timeline or possibility on a certain subject.

This can be immensely beneficial and helpful for when you are trying to improve your business success. Knowing how to properly steer and navigate your energetic ship will free you to make all the right decisions much easier. Astral remote viewing reports are a specialty of mine. As my energetic site is unmatched and unparalleled. allowing me to see into the various multi dimensional realities effortlessly to gain insight and wisdom into the true nature of the matrix and how things are manifesting. Imagine having a real life metaphysician, someone who has tried and tested results consistently and is able to give you consistent reliable results.

Our metaphysical consulting services begin at package plans at $8,888 per month

How Does It Work? 

Once we begin our consulting arrangements you and I will both speak on the phone each hour each week for one hour, where we discuss your goals, visions, dreams, and aspirations and the overall direction of your businesses and company’s future note metaphysical consulting services are best suited for businesses and brands. However, they can be applied towards an individual’s soul journey as well.

But I will recommend that you will get the most benefit if you are a CEO of another business and you are running this business and I’m able to help boost your business alongside your own personal energetic frequencies as well. That way the energy gets displaced between you and your business equally, instead of solely towards your own discipline. Or sometimes, it can be very intense for an individual to have the energy solely directed towards their body and that can cause unnecessary stress or energy symptoms.

Therefore my suggestion is to do the following. Once we have decided how we’re going to schedule you for your weekly consulting calls, we will be talking about specific rituals, length of the contract and the depth of how long we will be working for our business

It is recommended that a six month contract is initially negotiated after we proceed. Thus following six month to one year retainer contracts are the most essential and effective or creating the best quality results for an individual’s business and financial success

A Note On Our Unique Services:

The CIA, KGB, elite politicians, bankers, financial tycoons, and various governmental organizations all utilize psychic advisors, consultants, and expert occultists, to guide their paths, and ensure professional successes. Since the beginning of civilization armies and empires have been guided and steered under the occult powers of high level magickal individuals. They were known as mystics, shamans, wizards, deities, witches, occult priests, and gifted human beings. Our team at The Matrix Unveiled possess the ancient mystical gnosis of the ancient shaman, combined with the latest quantum technologies, extrasensory psychic abilities,


Target Audience Checklist

  • Are you a high performing entrepreneur, top level CEO, executive leader, or heart centered business leader/and or creator?

  • Are you already experiencing powerful results, yet experiencing certain blocks to limit you to 100% of your fullest capabilities?

  • Does your business of brand focus on uplifting the world around, creating innovative solutions in spirituality,coaching and personal development, technology, conscious economics, politics, transportation, wellbeing and health, alternative medicine, consciousness and education, health and fitness, alternative media or journalism, agriculture, content creation, social media influencing, marketing, agency corporations, cryptocurrency trading, stock and bonds investment, or any other incredibly beneficial trade of study?

  • Is your business already successful, experiencing greater than $15,000+ months, and looking to dramatically upscale 10, 100, or even 1000X your initial investment?

  • Is your business experiencing one of the following issues: brand name and logo incongruence, incongruence with overall vision, direction, team harmony and communication, lack of economic funding and investment opportunities, creative stagnation, aggressive or malicious competition in the market, legal attacks, threats, hackers, data and personal information client information phishing scams, struggling to adapt to shifting 2022 markets, lack of energetic and creative flow, lack of business dealings and promotions, lack of social media presence, and dedicated online following, CEO vision distortions incongruence, lack of powerful leadership, CEO confusing directions, disharmonious CEO and team connection, fearful, apathetic, or stagnant employees, lack of product and service diversity, lack of service integrity and authenticity

  • Do you desire to understand how to effectively perform business and entrepreneurship by incorporating a spiritual, magickal, energetic, and quantum understanding of reality?

If you answered YES, to one or more of the following questions, you fit within the confines of our target audience. I speak to you as I can boost your business a thousand fold with my metaphysical Gnosis and understanding. With me as your magician by your side. 1% forward thinker, Working in conjunction with you, we can create a dualistic beneficial consulting relationship where I consult you in all metaphysical matters. To help better create your reality as effortlessly, harmoniously and in resonance to the grand frequency of yourself as possible. Together, our arrangement can be a win-win, just like all powerful and beneficial coaching relationships are created. The goal is to create connections of the soul kind and therefore I consider all of those who resonate deeply with this service to be either a soul brother or sister. Next in conversation with a ritual.

Limited Client Availability

Because of the intensity of each individual client’s demands and specific needs, I am limited to a select few clients per month. I am also very selective with whom I decide to work with, and connect my energy to. Because of this, we do choose to only conduct business with the highest tier professionals, experts in their field of study, and truly heart centered visionaries, as well as creative types. The application process helps screen out those who I cannot assist, or who are not a good fit for our business endeavors. See our target level audience above, to deem if your business is a good energetic fit for our unique and specific services and requirements.

Apply Now To Our High Ticket Offer!

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