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Today, I shared a quick few thoughts on Odysee LIVE, where I addressed the Origins of The School of Mysticism, in my response to a “hater” questioning my “authority to teach and charge” for metaphysical knowledge, and that this individual was somehow “more talented” than myself.

I respond to his claims and state my specific reasons for creating The School of Mysticism, and why I run it the way I do. Enjoy! You can watch us decentralized and uncensored on ODYSEE!

So our last LIVE TMU video we did on YouTube, about theΒ AI Matrix, and Breaking the Code of the Algorithms, was “censored” by YouTube, and removed…

YouTube ALSO gave my channel a “community guidelines strike”, so we will not be able to post on YT for at least 1 week…

Going forward, we will be holding EXCLUSIVE livestreams on Odysee and LBRY, two ALTERNATIVE FREE SPEECH Video Platforms, that does not censor their creators videos…

LBRY is hosted on the blockchain, meianing no one on the Internet can ever remove it, its there permanently, meaning censorship free!

Follow us onΒ ODYSEEΒ and LBRY for more EXCLUSIVE LIVESTREAMS and content!

We will still be posting on YouTube, however are going to be shifting some of the focus onto these new platforms as well…

Finally, there are
LESS THAN 10 spots left for ourΒ Mystical Adepts 8 week group training program, which begins at 10 am, Central, Saturday, June 4th.NOTE: There are LESS THAN 10 spots available for this 8 week group coaching program! Spots are limited, and will fill up quickly! Payment must be fully sent BEFORE you can be enrolled into the Group Training Program.Β 

Our Program starts Saturday, 10 am Central Standard Time, runtime from June 4th, 2022-July 23rd!Β 

Talk to you soon, and looking forward to learning, sharing, and diving deep inside our group training program together!Β 

Sign Up For Our Latest Mystical Adept’s 8 WEEK Group Training Program Here!Β 


Tanuj Soodan

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