The Merkaba Field Explained

The following video above goes into in depth detail explaining the Merkaba field, and the Light body work, its purpose, and how to use it in order to access deeper states of consciousness. The Light Body is another name for the Merkaba field, they are one and the same. This article will give a summary of the field itself, and what it is used for.

The Merkaba field is the bio-electrical energy field, that surrounds the human body (it also surrounds all living and non-living things). Another word for this piece of technology, is the aura field, or light body. The following words can all be used interchangeably, in order to explain the same concept. The auric field or light body, has many layers, and is composed solely of higher vibration, less dense, light energy. it is the extension of our being, in the non-physical, composed of frequencies in the non-visible light spectrum. The word “merkaba” in hebrew, means “light, spirit, and body”. It is the “soul”, that scientists, researchers, scholars, and various others having been looking for all along. The Soul is the Merkaba field, they are one in the same. The Soul contains all “bodies”, including the astral, etheric, mental, and so on.

The following images describe the different layers of the Merkaba field, how it works, and its various layers. While there are many “bodies”, these are actually just layers of the same energy field, which is all expansive. Depending on the density, and level of expansion, one can be grounded into their “physical body”, or find themselves in their “causal body”, becoming completely one with the Universe. The level that is being accessed depends on the level of consciousness of the soul, their knowledge of their own Merkaba field, and understanding how to use it.

The Merkaba field is a “light chariot, or divine vehicle”, meaning it allows a light being to effortlessly travel through dimensions, perform feats such as psychokinesis, telepathy, all psychic abilities, and at higher levels, things such as levitation, shape-shifting, teleportation, invisibility, and so much more. All things are possible, with true mastery over one’s own energy field.

How to Activate the Merkaba Field

Learning energy work is the predominant method to truly activating the Merkaba Field. This is done through basic energy practices, such as feeling the energy of nature, trees, the Earth, Sun, bodies of water, and even other people. If you want to learn the most beneficial methods to learn energy, check out the Psychokinesis Mastery Course. Once an individual can feel energy sufficiently, then they must learn how to move it, connect to it harmoniously, allow it to flow through their body, and experience the feeling of energy. Energy can feel different for many different people, but many people report it feel as a tingling, pressure, heat, presence, plasma, coldness, or sense of aliveness in the body. Once a person becomes used to the feeling, it slowly evolves, becomes more tangible, and they become much more sensitive to the feeling of it. After continuously practicing with energy, and learning how to navigate, connect, and harmonize with energy, the Merkaba field slowly grows, more information is added to it, and the soul becomes more knowledgeable on the functions of the Universe. New concepts, abilities, and more of the “physical brain” is unlocked. As the Merkaba field is activated and stronger, the consciousness raises exponentially, the Soul is granted more wisdom, and energy, which can be used to help manifest and create their own reality. They become a powerful force of positive energy and love.

Love is the most important force when truly activating the Merkaba field. Without love, the “heart chakra”, or the thymus gland (see my article on the chakras), would not function. The Merkaba is constantly spinning, vibrating, and oscillating, and the frequency of Love (528 Hz), is one of the most harmonious, pure, and expansive forces that exist. Without love, the Merkaba field will not work. The energy will get stuck in different locations throughout the body, due to blockages within the emotional body. The key is to clear the emotional and mental blockages, within the energy, in order to have it flow effortlessly, so the Merkaba field can activate fully. If you need personal assistance, teaching, and guidance, and want to activate your merkaba field as efficiently and quickly as possible, then you can apply for my coaching here. Someone who has already activated their lightbody/merkaba can teach you do the same thing much quicker and with less difficulty. Much love, and thanks for reading, be sure to share this article on your social media, to help spread the knowledge of activating one’s merkaba field! Lastly, here is a guided meditation that was conducted in one of the private webinars, which will help you activate you feel the spin and activation of your merkaba field.

Infinite Love,

Tanuj Soodan

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