As I look back on this year, and give immense gratitude, for all of the successes, challenges, and growth, that has been presented,

I cannot help but smile contently,

There is beauty everywhere, and Life is filled with Divine Energies.

This Holiday (HOLY-DAY) Season,  am sharing my gratitude for you, alongside me on this Cosmic Journey.

I want to give you something special, to fill your time of rest and relaxation, introspection with the highest wisdoms of the Cosmos…

I am DISCOUNTING, my TOP 2 Courses and my YEARLY MEMBERSHIP to the School of Mysticism! 

For a LIMITED TIME OFFER, you can enroll into the

DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course is 60% OFF, for only $37 (that is ridiculously cheap)!


The Spiritual Awakening Mastery Course is 50% OFF, for only $44!


and get the Mystical Adept Yearly Membership, 30% OFF, for only $349
(over 20 hours of video content) 10+ Video Courses Package + Live Monthly Sessions!


These courses normally sit in the $100s of dollars level price point, but for this special time of awakening on the Earth, I know it is my DUTY to make this information as affordable, and accessible, as possible!

This offer is a HOLIDAY SPECIAL, for as you are relaxing with your loved ones, spend time giving thanks, gratitude, and love to the Universe, and all of Creation. 

We truly are blessed in these Infinite Cosmos, and I look forward to connecting with you inside the School of Mysticism! 

Much Love, and talk to you soon! 


Tanuj Soodan

(P.S. 30% OFF Mystical Adept Yearly Membership for only $349, 60% OFF DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course for only $37, The Spiritual Awakening Mastery Course is 50% OFF, for only $44)

Holiday Sale is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, Offer Ends Soon, November 31st, 11:59 PM EST.

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