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TMU Mayan Jungle Park Exploration 🌴 Mexico Vlog Part 2The Mystical Adept’s 8 Week Training Program  

Watch Now: TMU’s Adventures In Ancient Mayan Jungles

Our latest mystical journeys take us to Mexico, in this VLOG Part 2 where we visit the Ancient Mayan Jungles and Explore the Natural Parks around!

For Week 2’s curriculum, we will be diving deep into 

  • Inner trauma healing, remedying limiting beliefs, blockages, and doubts on your purpose and mission in life.
  • Guided Healing and Trauma Releasing Meditations
  • Shadow Integration and Soul Fragmentation Healing 
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energy Processing, Presence, and
  • Activating the Inner Phoenix Rebirthing Process!

If you are one of the students watching every video, applying every lesson, and learning profusely,

But you still don’t feel like it’s enough, I highly encourage you to join the Group Training Program…

Who’s going to get the remaining spots for our mega acceleration class?

Join WEEK 2’S LIVE EXLCUSIVE 2 HR CLASS with the Mystical Adept’s 8 Week Tribe, 

Register here!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. 5 spots remaining before out 8 week training program, WEEK 2: BEGINS THIS SATURDAY at 10 am. 

Stay well



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