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The following video discusses “The Wizard, Magi, and Sorcerer Decoded.” Full 2 HR presentation available for students inside the School of Mysticism

Chances are when you hear the word “wizard,” you probably think of an old white-bearded man wearing a giant pointy hat, carrying an exceptional staff of some kind to mark his significance and power within the “Realms” of knowledge and Spirit;

In contrast, this may be an “accurate representation” of previous individuals of the trade and craft. No two wizards or magic are regarded as the same. 

Mysticism and magick have an ancient, profound, and deep journey regarded as truths, consciousness, and miracle powers of healing, divination, insight, spiritual and energetic protection, conjuration, spell crafting, and so much more. 

However, contrary to popular belief, magick is not about hand waving, arbitrary incantations, or uttering random words. Instead, the magick must be felt, connected to, and deeply understood by the Magi or practicing arcane students. Then, after establishing a proper magickal connection, the Powers of the Arcane can then be willed, directed, and manifested using a combination of direct “magickal willpower,” visualization, and the ability to execute said spell or magick. This process can be lengthy yet complicated when combining certain spells and incantations.

Magis often spent long hours in their “magickal laboratories” and “ritual altars,” a location of heightened magickal energy and “vortexes” of the Infinite Energy Sources, where they experimented, meditated, combined forces, recited incantation, drew runes, sigils, and various other potions, alchemical concoctions, and more. Another major part of magickal training was adequate knowledge of herbalism, an intricate knowledge, connection, and understanding of various plant species, for healing, consciousness expansion, shamanic ceremony, and more.

PLUS, Another NEW Video: don’t forget to check out Today’s LIVE, where we discussed the Infinite Energy Consciousness and how one can tap into their Infinite nature and existence. Learning to be “perpetual” in a game of finite existence is one of the MANY challenges of the Matrix Reality Game. If we are to master and transcend it, learning perpetual energy creation is a MUST. 

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The COMPLETE Magickal Mastery Mystical Initiate’s 8 Week Group Training Program Begins on January 8th, Saturday, 11 am CST/1 PM Eastern.

Join Tanuj and The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism Tribe In our BRAND NEW Magickal Mastery 8-week course curriculum!!

Our course curriculum is as follows: 

📍Week 1: Welcome to Magickal Mastery Initiates!
Introduction to ESP, Psychic Awareness,   and Aura Development

📍Week 2: The Divinity Connection: Sourcing your Magickal Potential

📍Week 3 – Navigating the Matrix, How to Counteract the False Signal of Modern Society

📍Week 4: Protection and Shielding Magick, Psychic Self-Defense Techniques

📍Week 5: Money Magick: The Key Fundamentals and Techniques

📍Week 6: Elemental and HUman Deviations: Examining Matrix Overlays and The Construct

📍Week 7: The Divine Human, Homoluminous, Mysticism, and Magick

📍Week 8:  Timelines, Energetic Sovereignty, and Exiting AI Overlays


We are hitting the ground running with our newest heights and brand new course curriculums to create a more powerful, more adept, and streamlined course curriculum, heard to make a highly professional, and adeptly skilled Mystical student of gnosis and learning. Mystical Initiate’s 8-Week: The Complete Magickal Mastery Course foundations and fundamentals for all Students of Mysticism and consciousness expansions in 2023.

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