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Today, I want to share with you today, a powerful quote on the nature of our matrix reality, from my new book, Homoluminous: The Divine Blueprint

Many of us often wonder what our reality actually is, and I feel that this quote is an incredible summary! “As I discussed earlier, reality is not a physical system. To be limited to the energies of physicality will make it so that one only seems a minimal version of existence. Thus, they will naturally block out anything that questions their ideas and viewpoints, unable to process new ideas or possibilities. Because of societal culture, religion, and prior belief systems, the collective is programmed to perceive the world a certain way. All ideas that contradict this perspective are cast out, discarded, or seen as delusions. But what if society was wrong about the entire framework, attitude, and understanding of reality? What if it was something entirely different. Ancient and esoteric teachings from civilizations such as Sumerians, Mesopotamians, and Egyptians, knew that reality was not a “physical system”, and that instead, that Man was “bound” by time, space, and matter, due to his lack of understanding of frequency, energy, and the “spiritual nature of reality”. 

I have discovered that the physical reality paradigm is false throughout my metaphysical, mystical, and energetic encounters. This chapter will discuss the holographic matrix reality and electromagnetic universe theory of reality. Everything is composed of energy, light, vibrations, frequencies, and consciousness; this reality is entirely light-based. Everything the average human perceives from their five senses is linked to a highly advanced digital/holographic screen in which energies travel back and forth, from the spiritual plane to the physical plane and back. These planes of existence are outside the space-time continuum, so it can be difficult for the ego-mind to grasp this without personal experience.

The biggest breakthrough in understanding one’s reality is the holographic matrix theory’s primary principle: thoughts, energies, intentions all create reality. Instead of being a reactive force to reality, one becomes the creator of their own experience. One is no longer bound by physical limitations present to the average human. One of the first discoveries often present in this understanding is the energetic or subtle bodies sudden activation, sensitivity, and aliveness. This aliveness is composed of fractal lights, energies, and intelligence. It is pure magic, and the observer of this phenomenon begins to witness the transformation of a third-dimensional dense human body into a subtler energetic body, now directed by the will of the universal intelligence, which flows through all things. One realizes they are a river of energy in an infinite ocean of consciousness, sentience, awareness, and intelligence. Life becomes a miracle and blessing as the newly awakened neophyte commends his/herself to the process of spiritual mastery, ascension, and devotion to mastering the tools of magic and reality creation.” (Soodan, 54)

This quote, taken from Chapter 4, beautifully summarizes the true goal, purpose, and direction of The Matrix Unveiled, the School of Mysticism, and everything that I have been focusing on and doing, within my own spiritual journey!

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This book is the blueprint manual for the matrix reality and all of the trials and tribulations that it may send you.

Volume 1 was a huge success and I’m extremely grateful and happy to be sharing it with you!

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