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What Is Money?

In the spiritual community, many people have a variety of opinions, theories, and dogmas about money. All throughout the world, people have different belief systems that are varied about what “money” is, and how it should be “earned”,” created”, “attracted”, or “made”. Many people often use the phrase “making money”, without really understanding, money is not “made”, it is received, or “manifested”, by the Creator, or the Universal Intelligence.

Money is the exchange of energy.

What does this mean?

It means that any time you or another person gives you money, you are trading your energy or their time, for a service, product, or good.

Money is simply a representation of physical energy that can be used to help create, manifest, or transform physical reality. It is the physical representation of “energetically investing” something into the world. Money is the human representation, of a physical form of energy that is traded among humans.

Why Is Money Stigmatized?

Why is money stigmatized? This concept is very popular among people that do not understand the fundamental principles of what money is. They think that money is evil, bad diabolical, controlling, or something that is meant to enslave them.

This is simply because they have unhealthy relationships based with money, but they most likely learned from their parents, family members, or Society, who taught them limitations, blocks, control, and a restriction of abundance within the Universe.

Recognizing this issue, of course would cause people to project their own insecurities, fears, and restrictions on attracting money, towards others.

Among many spiritual communities, historically, and present-day, people often considered money to be something that is the antithesis of spirituality, or something that should not be pursued in this world. The reality is, we all have to live in this world, and many of us live in capitalistic countries.

Learning to understand how to acquire money, is apart of learning how to survive, and thrive within the Earth matrix. It is a spiritual lesson, and should be treated as such. When we understand that money is actually in exchange for a service, good, product, or some other form of value, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to no longer see restrictions with attracting abundance and money.

What About The “Elites” or Controllers of The World?

The Shadow Government

A common rebuttal or counter argument to the above information, is the idea that the elites, or controllers use money to enslave humanity. While this is true to some extent, we must not fall in the victim mindset that often gets perpetrated among the truth and spiritual communities.

Instead of taking personal responsibility for their own lives, many people delegate that the elites are somehow controlling them and enslaving them.

The truth is you create your own reality, and if you believe that someone is enslaving you with money, that’s exactly what you will manifest. Contrarily, If you decide that I am no longer going to be a slave to the system, and I’m going to find a way to create financial abundance, without enslaving my time, or hard-earned energy, then you can break out of the system.

You no longer have to be restricted or controlled by anyone that you do not think is worthy of your energy. You are the creator of your reality, and you alone are responsible for what happens in your life. Accepting this is a massive step, and it is the first step to truly becoming a free, sovereign, divine being.

How Can I Start To “Attract or Manifest Money”?

The first step is to truly understand, that money is attracted, or manifested into reality. Money is an exchange of energy, as I said before. Understanding this, you must realize what do people want to pay you for.

For myself, people pay me thousands of dollars to be their life coach. I coach them through their lives, to overcome fears, blockages, insecurities, and limiting belief systems, that no longer serve their consciousness. I help them reprogram their consciousness, reconfigure their minds, deconstruct their ego, discover their life purpose, and start to live their dream reality.

This is a service, that I provide, because it is what I was called to do. The key to really succeeding in financial endeavors, is to be in alignment with the Universe. It all comes down to you willing  to work hard for your purpose and dreams in reality.

Anyone can create their dreams into reality, with enough hard work, direct action, letting go, and trusting and universe.

 Anybody can create a life of financial abundance. You don’t have to work a draining slave job, you don’t have to be miserable to earn money, you don’t have to barely make enough to survive, and you don’t have to be working for the rest of your life.

You can create a job, with the power of the internet,

Market your services, become an entrepreneur, be free to express yourself and your energy into the world, and provide immense value to those who would benefit from your creations.

It all starts with a willingness, a decide for a change, fearlessness, and the concept of never giving up. If you give up before your manifestations actually happen, you are signaling to the universe that you are not worthy, not willing to do what it takes to really succeed, and okay with living a life of mediocrity.

Some people are okay with this, however myself, I am not.

I work hard every single day to retrieve my dreams, with a combination of directional masculine energy, and trusting and letting go feminine energy.

The combination of these two powerful manifestations that are effortless, easy, and natural. They are in the flow of the universe, and that is possibly the most important thing.

What Is Most Important In Creating Financial Abundance?

The absolute most important principle in creating financial abundance for yourself, is to think about the collective.

Ask yourself, right now, what can I offer the world? How can I be a powerful service in any shape or form? What can I truly do to change the lives of others, impact them, assist them, or make their life easier?  What makes me special, unique, and what innate gifts do I possess, that people would be willing to pay for me to share with them?

If you’re a writer, musician, artist, or even a life coach like myself, you possess the power of frequency. Your words, pictures, images, writings, or however you express your soul energy, can be used to change, uplift, Inspire, and transform the lives of others. This is something that people will pay you money for.

It’s up to you to decide how you value your time, money, and service. You decide what you’re worth, and the external reality matches it, it’s not the other way around.

How Can I Get Started In Creating Abundance For Myself?

The first step is to take action. Right now.

Be fearless in your action taking.

The biggest reason why people do not succeed in their life, is because they do not take enough action. They’re too afraid of rejection, or feeling, or not being good enough, or not being ready, or feeling insecure, or worrying about what other people think.

All of these mental mind games that the ego plays, or distractions that will keep you from your dream reality. It’s up to you to decide, enough,  I will not live a life of mediocrity. I will not die with the slave job.  I am worth more then just an hourly rate. I believe that I have the power to transform the world, and then the first step is to simply start.

In any shape or form that you do, is a good start. post that first blog. Share that first Instagram post. Release that first product. Publish your first album.  Create that Mastermind group that you always dreamed of. Start writing that book. Start becoming a visionary.

Get clear with what you want, and work every single day for the rest of your life, to making that dream a reality. Many of us have dreams, very few are willing to make those dreams are reality.

Anyone can do it, what  separates the losers from the winners, is the dedication, willpower, and consistency that it takes, to truly become a Fearless visionary.

Can You Help Me Reach Financial Abundance?

Yes. Many people have no idea where to even begin when it co comes to creating their dream reality.

I want you to understand this very thing. Creating financial abundance, is a result of following your life’s purpose. Many people aren’t sure what their life purpose. This is something that you have to meditate and contemplate on ask yourself these very important questions:

If I had all the money and the time in the world,

What would I do every single day?

Where would I be living?

What would I be doing with my time?

Who would I want to live with?

How can I help others or the collective consciousness?

What do I want my legacy of my life to be about?

How am I going to powerfully transform my and other’s lives?

What is my next step?

I guarantee you, if you sit and contemplate with these ideas and questions, you will have at least a blueprint of what you want to be doing.

I want you to understand this. Your vision, your purpose, and your soul mission, will evolve and grow as you continue on that path. This is not a linear journey. This is an exponential journey of success.

At first you may not see many results at all, but come back to this article in six months time, and see how powerfully your vision has manifested into reality. When you acknowledge that the Universe manifest at its own time, not your time, you will begin to accept it’s speed of manifestation.

If you really don’t know where to start, or you just want more assistance, that is why I’m here. It’s my job, and my soul purpose, to help people get into alignment with themselves. I help people create their dream realities, discover their life purpose, overcome their obstacles, and transform the lives in a powerful manner.

This is what I love doing, I love coaching people. I recommend you to apply for my coaching program, if you are someone with big dreams and aspirations, but need help manifesting your dream into reality.

If you truly want to transform your life, you can apply here. Understand that I only work with people that I truly believe in, and I know that will succeed.

I’m not interested in working with people that are depressed about life,  suicidal, or need somebody to always hold their hand.  I’m only interested in working with you if you need powerful, life-changing coaching, and truly have a purpose that you wish to discover. You may not know it yet, but deep down you know that you were here for greater things. If this sounds like you, and you can apply for my coaching program here.

 The Transformation of Money In Society

Eventually, I do believe that humankind, and human society will evolve to the point where money will no longer be in the same format that it is currently. We are already starting to see a digital currency float around the economy, such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. These decentralized currencies are a great step in the evolution of mankind.

One issue with our current monetary system is the centralized banks. These  groups do in fact exert control over federal notes, and heavily puppeteer the financial systems. I do not believe this is something to be concerned about. Become aware that it exists, and but do not worry about the researching of conspiracies. It’s important to be aware of conspiracies, but not allow your mind to get so deeply involved with them, that they consumed your every thought.

One day, our society may evolve to the point of freely giving, as so many of us “conscious entrepreneurs”, (I like to call ourselves), have started doing. Most of my information, is completely free, in the hopes that it will inspire others to share their own gifts for free. If we were to freely give and share with each other, we would no longer need the monetary system.

This transition will take a long time for human consciousness to truly understand we are one collective consciousness. However we can start by giving openly, and powerfully serving others. We must also make sure that our energy is received back oh, so I’m not advocating for people to starve themselves or never charge for their services. I believe that you should charge for your services, which is why my coaching is high-tiered.


Adding value is the key to truly creating financial abundance. When you figure out what you can truly off in this world, in your greatest assets, and how you can help others, by giving them value, they’ll gladly pay any price you give that. It’s all about understanding that value equals currency. What else is currency, other than energy? It’s right there in the name.

If you feel called to work with me, and truly transform your life into one of abundance, freedom, and divine purpose, apply here.

Not everyone that submits an application will work with me, due to limited availability, and my high standards for clients, but if I feel that your energies is a match, and my energy can help you, we might just create a miracle together.

As always, if you enjoy this blog post, please share it with friends, post it on social media, tell a family member, or refer others to this website. We can change the world, one person at a time, and I truly believe my information has the power to change the entire human collective.

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Thank you and much love,

Tanuj Soodan

Tanuj Soodan

Tanuj Soodan

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