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🌬The Secrets of The God’s await you initiate, as you journey throughout the multidimensional realms, facing your innermost demons, fears, and limitations Join The School of Mysticism Mystical Adepts Annual Membership to watch and participate in the LIVE CLASS and Lecture, on Sunday at 7 pm Central/9 pm Eastern (Replay Now Available!!)


  • 🔸YOU will uncover the ancient mystical and esoteric gnosis, once left behind by the Annunaki, ancient alien star beings, who came from the Realm known as “Nibiru”, and seeded the Human Race, in attempt to create a vast colonization project of the Terra Realms.
  • 🔸We will explore the ancient stories and writings of the Sumerians, one of the FIRST human civilizations to be created by The Gods, and seeded in their image.
  • 🔸We will cover the immense intergalactic feud between Enki the Creator of Humanity, and Enlil, the Enslaver, Tyrannical God, who demanded worship and sacrifice, of the newly created homosapien species, and the true purpose for their Creation.
  • 🔸How the “War of The Gods” tore apart the Council of Elders, forcing the Gods to choose sides in the Eternal Battle between Good and Evil throughout the Multiverse.
  • 🔸The enslavement of the human species and why they were forced and trapped into endless reincarnation, energetic harvesting, and deep energetic and mental mind control.
  • 🔸Enki, Enlil, and The Council of The God, their roles in educating the human beings into the Creation Arts of Mathematics, Sciences, as well as of Creation, Religion, Magick, Technology, Arts, History, How The FIRST Human Civilization Originated, Progressed and evolved with the help of the Gods, and their Cosmic Roles in the Spiritual Protection, Harmonization, and Etheric Balancing within the Human Consciousness Fields and Civilization
  • 🔸How the Gods Fell into Chaos, Due to a Cataclysmic Cosmic Battle, and Therefore Fled The Earth, after the Deluge Flood

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The Gods Return – Are You Ready To Learn Magick Initiate? The Ancient Mystery Schools Have Returned…
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