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Explaining the TRUE Nature of Our Reality…
In today’s video lecture, I discuss with you the exact nature of our matrix reality…
What if I told you the truth was that you are not in a physical reality?What if you found out that all of reality was actually a giant hologram, and illusion?

And what if, negative forces had found ways to hijack this said reality, and manipulate it to their own will and desires?

Sounds like a HOLLYWOOD SCI-FI video, I know, but I am serious, when you look “behind the veil” of consciousness, this TRUTH becomes apparent to you…

So what do we do? In the following video, I explain the exact situation, and how it is unfolding in our reality….

Also, do not worry, there IS a solution! The solution is to DEPROGRAM and CLEANSE your mental and energetic bodies from this foul, infected nature.

The FULL 2 HR LECTURE, goes into accurate depth into this subject matter, and how we ALL can become FREE from the malicious matrix programming!

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Talk to you soon,

Much Love and Gratitude,

Tanuj Soodan

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