Magick, Mysteries, and The Occult:
Decoding Salvationism and Saturnalia – The Religion of
The False God

The following article was written as part of the course curriculum for the School of Mysticism students. The members of our EXCLUSIVE Modern Day Mystery School are dedicated to the revival of the ancient mystical gnosis, magick, consciousness expansion, shamanism, mystical arts, rituals, and so much more! 

Today, we will discuss and contemplate the ideas of modern-day “Christianity,” salvationism, and paganism and how these following concepts, and religious ideals are connected to society’s history. By deconstructing these very mistaken ideologies and contemplating the nature of such spiritual confusion, we can begin to remedy the “spiritual virus,” or what the Native Americans refer to as “wetiko”” which has been infecting our Realm for so long. 

The modern-day “Christian religion” stems back to the ancient Mesopotamian and Babaloyian cult of Mithras, a “solar god” worshipped by Julius Caesar the Conqueror (often depicted to be one of the MOST horrendous and evil barbarians of his time). 

Caesar begins to grow impatient during the Great Gaelic Wars of The Celts and Romans, as this is the first enemy he cannot simply trample. Fortunately for the Celtic civilization, the warriors of Celt fought vehemently and with mighty aggression to defeat and conquer the imposing Roman Legionnaire troops. Realizing he was outmatched, he devised a tactical, psychological strategy to win the battle. At the time, the “Empire of Rome,” not affording him more troops and means for enslaving the native Celts and attacking them mercilessly, began to strike a “new idea” of salvationism, which a character named “christ.” The Barbarian Lord would claim to “save the natives from their Sins while mercilessly wiping out and committing genocide toward the Native people. This idea was greatly endorsed by Cesears superiors back at the church.

At the time, religion and state were NOT to be mixed, but Caesar’s demonstration of such barbarity, violence, and ingenious enslavement towards this new concept of “salvation” made it all too easy for the mongrels of the Church not to continue. Instead, they devised a great plan to create false religion in place of salvationism to ensure the Spirit and very consciousnesses of the barbarians they called “natives or Pagans.”

It is important to note that Saturnalia was an ANCIENT ROMAN DAY festival, which focused on the continuous “rebirthing cycle” of “The Sun,” who represents the “Son of God.”

 Christmas in Ancient Rome (AKA Saturnalia) – For the Love of Rome

Modern-day salvationism is akin to an alien plague from an alien god instructing humans to bow and kneel. Yet, the true Gnostikoi, the self-illuminated one, understands, The Inner Self is the True Infinite Spirit, and he must reject the Demiurge’s plane of duality deception. The religion of Christianity fits exactly in the divide and conquer narrative, which exists as “Saviour” and Great Evil. Both are a distraction designed to keep the Initiate ensnared in the web of a lesser god, ensuring the Initiate never discovers his own godhood and inner divinity. 

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