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Most people want to raise their vibration as highly as possible….

Yet they never considered this one very important thing. And what is that very important thing?

Most people stay in a low vibratory state for a long period of time. They keep asking themselves Why do I keep feeling drained? Tired, weak, and energetically exhausted? The answer is simple.

You don’t know how to protect your energy. Protecting your energy is by far the number one most important factor in keeping your vibration high.

Without proper spiritual protection, you’re simply a fattened up energy source for any entity or consciousness that is looking to feed upon your lifeforce.

In my latest YouTube video we discussed true spiritual protection and how to clear the spiritual darkness from the Earth realms. It is imperative that we all understand before we can raise our vibrations to new heights, we must clear out the darkness.

For this reason, I have specifically created my energetic shielding ritual known as the divine orb of light, a personally handcrafted ritual designed to help you protect your energy if you want a personally custom made ritual tailored to your energy fields

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Another common issue that I see is not enough wisdom or intelligence in understanding many of these spiritual concepts. People come to me all the time and ask how can I protect my energy better? And how can I raise my frequency more effectively? They don’t know the tips, tricks, and very specific strategies that I witness and use on a daily basis.

This is why I’ve made my personal consultations available at this time, receive masterful advice from a practiced Metaphysician.

Just as you would contact any sort of professional in legal matters, so too should you have a high level adept energetic professional at your fingertips to raise your frequency.

These are my top two services at the moment:


Rituals For Hire

1 on 1 



However, I have extremely limited availability.

In fact, I’ve been booked up with rituals for this past week. So if you want a consultation so if you want a coaching session, and if you want a ritual, book now and secure your protection, secure your Gnosis and wisdom around truly understanding how to protect your energy and raise your vibration.

My availability is limited, so secure your spot now, or you may have to face going in alone against the unseen forces and realms.

Make sure you watch the free YouTube video as well.


Talk to you soon


Book Now!

Book Now!

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