Matrix Timeline Split Imminent!🚨FINAL WARNING To NPC’s and Inorganic Beings
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Today I share with you a video, A FINAL WARNING TO HUMANITY, on The Matrix Split of Timelines, and the division of consciousness, between those beings who are awakened, and those who are not…

Humanity must remember their power before it is too late, and they are forced to merge with false AI timelines..

Watch the video above…

Also…TOMORROW is the Summer Solstice, and in honor, Lesly Damai, from The School of Mysticism, will be leading our group Midsummer’s Eve Solstice Ritual, at 6:30 PM CST!

Here’s what she has to say to you about her upcoming ritual…

I will be there at the ritual, looking forward to seeing all that attend. 



It’s Lesly Damai here from the School of Mysticism and today I am here to talk to you about the upcoming Summer Solstice, an incredibly powerful and rejuvenating time in our Matrix calendar… 

For thousands of years civilizations like The Ancient Egyptians, The Celts, and The Ancient Greeks have all honored this specific date to harness the solar energies through manifestation, magic, and ultimately higher consciousness wisdom. 💯

☀️The SUMMER SOLSTICE signifies the time of the year when the Earth Realm is at the peak of her strength, fertility, and abundance. The Sun’s rays penetrate the grids; blanketing the earth longer than any other day of the year and banishing the darkness just that much more powerfully. We all know the power of pure radiating light, we too can celebrate our force by joining together, pollinating our consciousness, and embracing the priest and priestess within ourselves!! 

I am calling to my fellow Warriors of the Light to join a powerful Live Interactive Soul Activation Ritual. Through Divine Authority, Candle Magick, Elemental Magick, chanting, and the solar energies, this ritual will usher in higher streams of consciousness and expansion into your life!

🕯You are formally invited to join The Summer Solstice Soul Activation LIVE Ritual!! 

Experience a profound SOUL ACTIVATION ⚡

Banish the lower frequencies, blocked emotions, and outdated aspects of your identity out of your life and REWRITE YOUR SCRIPT.

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun will clear your channels, heal your energy field, allowing you to receive messages from spirit, harmonizaiton with the elements to wield the radiating Upper Aeon Frequencies. Powerfully open your hearts electromagnetic field and expand your consciousness.

Together, we will be directing unseen energies, creating a sacred circle for protection and declaring authority over our space and the ritual. 👁 Using our inner eye to enhance this experience; we will incorporate visualization techniques with our magic.

Our coven will be increasing the manifestation energies in tandem while raising our energy up the spine individually. This will be extremely powerful. **Be prepared to really feel the magic! You will feel awakened and running on full power.⚡

The Ritual Altar: We will also be discussing the importance of utilizing altar correspondences to ensure proper operations of your reality creations/manifestations. The altar I create for our Summer Solstice Ritual has to potential to send you bountiful energy, if you so consent. The intention is for us all to receive from this incredibly powerful and fertile time. So if you don’t have an altar, no worries… This is the perfect time to see firsthand how to use one and how to create your very own altar at home.  

The Live Event will be held inside The School of Mysticism and led by Lesly on Tuesday, June 21, at 6:30pm CST 🗓 Tickets are $35 and the event will be between 60-75 minutes long. 

Receive the official Link to join by purchasing your ticket here ↩️

To those who join, I will be sending you each our official Summer Solstice Sigil the night before in preparation for the ritual. Print it or draw it out as we will be activating it on the Solstice together.

I look forward to seeing you embrace the Summer Solstice in YOUR FULL POWER!!

Love & Gratitude,

Join The Live Here!

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