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Exit the Matrix Time Loops
Dear Soul Traveler, 

The time is NOW to begin our magickal and mystical training. The Earth Realms have been swept under with CHAOS, FEAR, and LIES!

Well, no more, Earth’s greatest and mightiest Light Warriors are ready and prepared, to activate, ascend, and unlock their true innate divine spiritual and energetic abilities. 

If you are reading this, and you are resonating with these words…

If you know you want to take part in reclaiming our Earth, and activating your own innate power.

If you have ever dreamt of reactivating your innate magickal gifts and energies.

If you know that you are clairvoyant, can see, and hear into other dimensions, are becoming psychokinetic, changing and altering the weather, hearing people’s thoughts, can read emotions, connect to the energy streams, sense vibrations, and more.

You have the magickal gene…and it is TIME now, that you activate, and unlock your innate potential.

However, there is a caveat, you need training! Serious magickal training, to activate your already present abilities! 

How can you begin? By harnessing your innate Magick, learning the fundamentals of reality creation, manifestation, learning energy work, the fundamentals of the Quantum Reality, and how your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, directly interface with your physical/holographic reality matrix system!

In the following LIVE LECTURE, you will learn:

– The EXACT Formula for Quantum Reality Manifestation

– Activating Your Dormant Psychic Abilities and Extrasensory perception

– The TRUE steps towards spiritual, energetic, and physical healing 

– The TRUE Reason So Many Feel Energetically Blocked and Suppressed Explained

– Tanuj’s GUARENTEED Quantum Reality Manifestation Formula

– Why Your Manifestations ARE NOT working…

– Reclaiming Our Spiritual Authority, How To Claim Energetic Dominion Over Your Area, and Banish All Lower Astral Forces

– Harnessing Of Your Magick, and The Source of Creation!

– A history and theoretical study of magical studies

– A live ritual and meditation with Tanuj and the School of Mysticism Mystical Adepts

Join us, with our premium Mystical Adept Membership Program, and attend a LIFE TRANSFORMING Magickal Teaching and Activation, This Friday, March 11th, at 7 PM EST (eastern standard time).


Tanuj Soodan

Head Instructor at

The School of Mysticism

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