Do you think it is possible to move things with your mind? Have you ever wondered, if this is an actual skill, that can be taught, refined, and learned by anyone?


I want to share my story, of how I learned to move objects with my mind, at a very young age, and then, how I finally learned how to teach others, by practicing these skills for years, and mastering my own energy field.

Around the age or 8 years old, I overheard a fellow classmate mention “telekinesis”, the ability to move objects with your mind, in a book she was reading. Intrigued, I immediately went home and started researching it.

At the time, there was hardly anything about telekinesis on the internet. Just a few articles describing that one could do it with something called “chi or psi”, and that there was an energy, that was accessible, by all humans, they just had to train and understand how to connect to it.

I immediately put into play, some of the techniques, and was getting successes. I learned how to roll a pen, and even move some heavier objects, such as bottle, spoon, books, and various other household items. Here are a few cool videos, from the beginning of my telekinetic days…

So, I continues practicing my telekinetic abilities, until I was around 10, when I forgot about it, due to society, friendships, and school brainwashing. In our society, there is a heavy emphasis, on what is and is not possible. Telekinetic abilities, and anything supernatural, is heavily suggested, as “outside the realm of possible”.

After a few more years, around the age of 14, I rediscovered the ability, and started practicing a new form, called “aerokinesis”, which is the ability to move the wind with one’s energy field, and mind. This ability, along with others such as hydrokinesis (ability to harmonize with water and your mind), pyrokinesis (ability to harmonize with fire your mind), atmokinesis (ability to connect to clouds, storms, rain, and all weather)

Here is a video of me knocking down a tire, with aerokinesis, at around 14 years old. At 18, I started training, meditating, and connecting to the energies seriously, with the intent to teach others, in the next generations.

Here is a telekinetic demonstration, of me knocking down a book, with a technique that pushes “chi” or bodily energy out of the hand, to the object.

Here, are some of newer, greater, and advanced levels of aerokinesis, from some of my recent developments in my training with the trees, winds, and aerokinesis.

This is a hydrokinesis demonstration, a connection of my energy to a pond near my University.

So…after watching all of that, you probably have a lot of questions, like, how can I learn? Or, how is that real? Can anybody learn to do this? What is my first step in beginning my telekinetic journey?

I want to make something clear, before you go on to learning the methods to become psychokinetic. Telekinesis and psychokinesis, is an ability, that only happens as a result of being harmonious, loving, and connected, to nature and the Universe. This ability, is not for the “power hungry”, people who want to “control things”, or hurt others/nature. This ability is for the peaceful, loving, and beings who wish to evolve their consciousness, as a means to becoming more connected to the Universe.

Today is the day, where I proudly present the culmination of my knowledge, in my first energy course, the Psychokinesis Mastery Course.

Introducing the



Psychokinesis, is essentially, an art form, similar to chi gong, nei gong, tai chi, and other “energy art forms”. The art of psychokinesis is a “mystical” ability, that demonstrates immense knowledge of the Universe, connection to energy, intuition, creative, abstract, body-kinesthetic and emotional intelligence. It is an ability, that can be perfected, just like any other sport or hobby.

What makes psychokinesis special, is that it illustrates, that we are not living in a physical reality. It shows us, that yes, our thoughts do have power over our reality, therefore, we are indeed the creators of our reality. Additionally, it shows us, that this ability, can be honed, crafted, and perfected, into laser like precision.

It allows us to become completely harmonious with nature. We can do incredible things, that we have not been told, or taught in school, such as bring rain to droughts or wild fires. We can calm down storms, that are threatening our homes and lives, and slow down, or even completely shut down tornadoes.

We can learn to evolve our species, to become more harmonious with nature, recognizing the infinite, alive, and conscious intelligence of nature. We begin to understand, that nature is actually, a digital system, composed of a binary energy field, similar to an electrical circuit.

We can learn to tap into the infinite energy of the Universe, and remember, we are in fact, light beings, of consciousness, beyond the physical body, and realms of the matrix. We can learn to rewrite the code and energy field that keeps us bound within our paradigms of society, limitations, fears, doubts, and all other “3D illusory limitations”.

We can reignite our soul spark, and become the conscious, divine, universally connected, and infinitely powerful, wise, intelligent, beings, we were created and truly exist as.


  • Raise your vibration
  • Merkaba field activation
  • Learn to master your energy field
  • Third eye/pineal gland activation
  • Activate dormant DNA
  • Unlock greater brain capacity
  • Learn the psychic ability of telekinesis (objects), aerokinesis (air), atmokinesis (weather), electrokinesis (electricity), geokinesis (earth), heliokinesis (solar connection), hydrokinesis (water), and pyrokinesis (fire)
  • Heighten natural psychic abilities such as intuition, astral projection, remote viewing
  • Healing abilities
  • Become deeply connected to nature
  • Unveil the matrix
  • Master energy and reality creation
  • Harmonize with the elements
  • Improved health, mood, and longevity
  • Increased life force, chi, prana, ki, or energy
  • An evolved consciousness
  • Greater sense of oneness to all things
  • Multidimensional abilities
  • Become a conscious creator in reality, not an NPC
  • Mastery over energy work

What You Will Learn

  • How to connect to the energies of wind, water, fire, and the earth
  • How to harmonize and create wind currents
  • How to create water currents, and activate a lakes energy
  • How to use fire to cleanse your energy, and remove negative attachments
  • How to move objects with your mind, and energy only
  • Distinguish between magnetic energy, and natural wind currents
  • How to flow with the energy of the Universe, and become deeply connected to animals around you
  • How to calm aggressive wind currents, and lower energy levels of an environment
  • How to activate an environment, and the tree energies simultaneously
  • How to deeply connect into the trees, plants, grass, sun, moon, stars, sky, clouds, and human electrical devices, to create energy fluctuations
  • How to create sunsets, clouds, storms, and practically any weather you wish (advanced abilities, require training)



Learn to master your energy…

or risk falling back asleep into the matrix…

and limit your evolution,

perhaps, you may have to reincarnate again…

If you don’t want that to happen, then…

I am showing you the red pill…

The way out of the matrix…


The information in this course is worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

What people believed to be IMPOSSIBLE, a mystical ability, and completely PARANORMAL, I have structured into lessons and techniques of simple caliber, which anyone can learn and follow.

What could COST hundreds and thousands of dollars in private, 1 on 1 coaching, I am now offering, for the LOW PRICE of $144.44, a SINGLE- ONE Time payment.

Unlock your psychokinesis abilities TODAY!


All donations are graciously appreciated, received, and will be used to further improve the quality of free content shared.


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