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There is not much that comes from being truly passionate one day and totally burnt out the next …
In fact, it’s exhausting and causes people to feel shame, guilt, depression, frustration and confusion!

This is the #1 loop I see clients and students stuck in. ⤴️

I can’t say this enough: It is VITAL to tend to your SOUL’S FIRE while you continue to alchemize during your mystical ascension   This is why we must continue to slowly BUT consistently feed our souls inner fire. 

The thing is, no coach, guru, or amount of money can do this for you.
You are completely responsible to do this on your own, to not only heal but take action towards you spiritual sovereignty.
Now let me explain…

As a teacher, it is my job to guide and provide you with the most essential and powerful tools, intended to give you a clear and precise plan towards your goals. People take my courses or hire me for coaching for many reasons but it’s primarily to have an expert accountability partner. 

I am now extending this offer to YOU!….

Fire Rising Yoga every Sunday + Q & A every Sunday at 10AM CST ❤️‍🔥

To all my new friends and subscribers who don’t know… I’ve been a yoga and meditation instructor since 2016. I was Trained in Ashtanga Yoga in India and I’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of students in Bali, Thailand, India, & The US. I focus on proper body alignment and breathing techniques, to open your energy channels and increase your life force energy. 

So start your Rising with us inside the school of Mysticism and set the frequency you desire to carry with you before the week begins. ❤️‍🔥  


If you are not already a part of our private community inside The School of Mysticism, you can join for as little as $9.99 a month. 

I’ve ALSO decided to drop the price of my course for a limited time so that more of you can have access to this life changing course and community. 

There are 2 memberships to choose from ↕️


The link below will grant you:
Rising Fire Yoga Classes Every Sunday + Community Membership Access. 
↪️ ↪️

This link below will grant you: Deprogram Your Shadow Course + Weekly Live Yoga AND Replay + Monthly LIVE Rituals/Events + Community Access to The School of Mysticism
↪️ ↪️

I am beyond excited that we have a place to connect regularly, where we can move our bodies and get our energy flowing in higher frequencies. *No yoga experience needed, just an open mind and the rest will come naturally.

Access to Fire Rising Yoga
Enjoy your weekend, talk AND see you soon!
Lesly Damai 🤍

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