If 2023 is “your year” to create your heart’s manifestations and unlock the gifts of your soul’s purpose, then read this!

Maybe you hit a few “bad bumps” or flows in the past year during the mass chaos of the Matrix and society’s impending collapse.

Now is the time to hone in your energetic and metaphysical precision to guide and steer your energies, consciousness, and realities accurately, in the RIGHT direction, harmony, and flow, with the Natural tides of abundance, success, alignment, and prosperity.

With the start of something entirely new, This Year, we are given an opportunity to maximize our creative potential, connection to the Infinite consciousness, and deeper expansion into the Heart’s self.

Now, more than ever, is the TIME to hone and progress your metaphysical gifts and talents. The world around you is changing evermore. Prepare yourself during these CRUCIAL times and, most importantly, energetic shifts.

Sovereignty is NOW. Our most expansive, more adept, and magically advanced curriculum is NOW OFFICIALLY launched and BEGINS  January 15th; seats are LIMITED, so sign up to confirm your spot for our Magickally Advanced 8 Week curriculum today! 

Watch my video with the details here! 🔥
The COMPLETE Magickal Mastery Mystical Initiate’s 8 Week Group Training Program Begins on January 8th, Saturday, 11 am CST/1 PM Eastern.

Join Tanuj and The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism Tribe In our BRAND NEW Magickal Mastery 8-week course curriculum!!

Our course curriculum is as follows: 

📍Week 1: Welcome to Magickal Mastery Initiates!
Introduction to ESP, Psychic Awareness,   and Aura Development

📍Week 2: The Divinity Connection: Sourcing your Magickal Potential

📍Week 3 – Navigating the Matrix, How to Counteract the False Signal of Modern Society

📍Week 4: Protection and Shielding Magick, Psychic Self-Defense Techniques

📍Week 5: Money Magick: The Key Fundamentals and Techniques

📍Week 6: Elemental and HUman Deviations: Examining Matrix Overlays and The Construct

📍Week 7: The Divine Human, Homoluminous, Mysticism, and Magick

📍Week 8:  Timelines, Energetic Sovereignty, and Exiting AI Overlays


NEW PRICE ONLY $625/month!! Reduced to a total of $1250!!

We are hitting the ground running with our newest heights and brand new course curriculums to create a more powerful, more adept, and streamlined course curriculum, heard to make a highly professional, and adeptly skilled Mystical student of gnosis and learning. Mystical Initiate’s 8-Week: The Complete Magickal Mastery Course foundations and fundamentals for all Students of Mysticism and consciousness expansions in 2023.

January Semester 2023 is the COMPLETE Magickal Collection and Training Course, 8 Weeks of Intensive Magickal Training, Ranging From Beginner to Advanced Levels! Class Begins January 2023 (official date announced soon!)

Sign Up Below; the Class is Limited to 10 spots ONLY! Registration is $625/month, for a total of 2 months = $1250 per student.

25% OFF Early Bird Price Enrollment
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