RITUAL: The Golden Magickal Rite of Prosperity and Wealth

RITUAL: The Golden Magickal Rite of Prosperity and Wealth

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The Golden Magickal Rite of Success, Wealth, and Prosperity Now!

The following ritual is designed to 100X your magickal rites of prosperity, abundance, wealth creation, and career success! Learn to master your Spirit’s prosperity successes by receiving a master magickal rite of prosperity and golden abundance!

Shower Your Reality with the Magickal VIbrations of Abundance, Prosperity, Creative Genius Intellect Frequencies, the Energies of the Guardians of Riches, Gold, Money, Successes, Silver, Magickal Artifacts, 

  • Magnetize a WINDFALL of Financial Successes, Wealth, Riches, Golden Energies, and Money!

  • Reprogram the Subconscious Mind to Attract Immense Wealth, Riches, Opportunities for Abundance, and More!

  • Defeat the POVERTY MINDSET, Receive Energetic Codes and Frequencies of INFINITE ABUNDANCE

  • Draw forth CELESTIAL and DIVINE LEVELS of Abundance, Prosperity, and Monetarily Successes 

  • Learn the Secrets of Infinite Abundance, Wealth Creation, and How to 10-100X+ Your Financial Successes and Monetary Energies

  • How to Become a Financial and Wealth BEACON, COMMANDING Riches, Prosperity, and Magickal Successes Towards You Like a Windfall!

Delivered to you and recorded in 1080P HD Video Footage + PDF file instructions on activating your unique energetic thought form!

How It Works…



Using the LATEST, groundbreaking manifestation technology, as well as skilled, energetic intention, I create an energetic thoughtform, also known as an “egregore,” or “thought form,” and bring it to life with life force energy from the Infinite streams of power of Consciousness, Reality, and the “God Mind,” as well as access to Quantum Radionics Technology, the latest Gnosis in Metaphysical, Occult, Energetic, and Spiritual Wisdom, Learning, and Activation.  

It’s powered by several runes, personal life force energy, and a massively influential radionics device. The following creates a massive energy field, which magnetizes and draws forth a massively powerful energetic field of abundance, wealth, prosperity, and success! By drawing forth and magnetizing the correct energetic frequencies from the Infinite Energetic Fields of Potential, Abundance, Prosperity, Riches, Magnetization, and Infinite Energies! This is the best way to create infinite prosperity and connection to create windfalls of prosperity, money, abundance, wealth, and LOVE!

Book The Golden Magickal Rite 

of Success, Wealth, and Prosperity Now!

Custom Made Sigil Designs create A Powerful and Potent Energetic Thoughtform Potential, A Windfall, Raining Prosperity of Abundance Codes, Joy, and More…

Book The Golden Magickal Rite of Success, Wealth, and Prosperity Now!

What You Get:

You, Will, Receive The Following When You BOOK NOW…

  • A Personally Created Custom Made “Egregore,” or  Energy Thoughtform

  • Personalized Radionic Orgone Energy + Life Force Energy Charged Sigil

  • 5 Days of  POWERFUL Radionics Charged Energy Directed Towards You

  • A Custom Made Video, Personal Footage of Me performing the Ritual, Activation, Consecration, and Visualization

  • Personal Instructions On How to Absorb, Control, and Activate the Energy of the Thoughtform for Maximum Efficiency

  • A PDF file of your “custom spell,” detailing instructions, how to visualize and activate it for yourself, create a copy, and precisely what each sigil, marking, and energetic code means!

  • Written Instructions for Replicating Your Spell and Activating/recharging Its Energy

Tanuj Soodan, The leader and creative visionary of The Matrix Unveiled and School of Mysticism, has studied the metaphysical, occult, esoteric, spiritual, and magical arts for over twenty years. Our uniquely crafted intangible consulting services specialize in exponentially boosting the successes and capabilities of top-level CEOs, businesses, Cryptocurrency traders, and high-level entrepreneurs. As a heart-centered company, we focus on using advanced spiritual technologies and understanding of metaphysical and quantum magick to manifest and create your reality exactly how you envision it. Our goal is to make your heart’s deepest desire into tangible, physical reality. Stop searching in the material realm for solutions; it’s time to embrace the energetic reality and understand you need an expert guide to create metaphysical success into the physical. We use our expert Gnosis and understanding of advanced quantum magickal teachings to finetune the energetic forces of reality to help guide and steer your energy field into extreme levels of abundance, success, and prosperity.

We specialize in providing metaphysical solutions to physical problems and obstacles within your heart-centered business operations. Whether it’s overall vision clarity, team unity, opening the gates towards prosperity, upscaling, or protecting your business from threats, lawsuits, and other harmful forces.

Examples of Our Quantum Magickal Services:

  • Brand and Logo Name Energetic Thoughtform Activation (Create a brand your customers know, recognize, and LOVE!)
  • Create Team Congruency and Expansion (get all team members to embody your desired frequency and harmonious goal optimization)
  • Road Opening Spells, open the Gateways for Abundance and Success
  • Business Protection Spells and Shielding Against Competitors, Libel, Slander, and Legal Authorities
  • Catapulting and Revolutionizing Your Business Ventures 1000%+
  • Cryptocurrency Financial Successes and Prosperity, Optimal Investment Strategies, Trends, and Ventures (10X your investment)
  • Ritual Magick For The Optimal Timeline Creation
  • Remote viewing and Astral Gnosis Cosmic Intelligence Reports and Data Presentations
  • Filmed Energetic Video Rituals + Written Document Data



Previous Client Relations:



A client of mine recently told me about his struggle with manifesting his reality effectively, in consistent action and dimension. He felt stuck, confused, and like his spiritual abilities and financial development were plateauing, not increasing.

He felt his mind was foggy and unclear, as he lacked direction, vision, and a means to execute it effectively. Hearing these problems, I immediately offered to help him by letting him know his energy-based situation and that we would need to dive deep into the energetics and frequencies of his energy field, as well as an overall metaphysical approach.

Our client immediately began to benefit and received immense energy at the beginning of the road-opening ritual. He had already commented and noted that he felt a new possibility and timeline building within his consciousness. Simply from the beginning stages of these rituals. These rituals alone are potent.

  • Rituals of Abundance
  • (Draws successes, prosperity, and powerful, business relations with the client) 
  • Rituals of Protection
  • Rituals of Attraction and Love:

Book The Golden Magickal Rite of Success, Wealth, and Prosperity Now!

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