Reclaiming Our Power Back From the “Controllers”

Greetings Tribe,

Sunday’s LIVE event was a POWERFUL takedown, and expose, of the Elitist cabal! 

The Cabbalistic Takedown! 

Exposing the Black Magick Grids and Rituals

I shared with all students, PowerPoint slides, in a 1hr 30 minute LIVE lecture!

We needed to explain who and what the Cabal were, In this lecture we covered the following:

  • Black Magick Grids – What and How they Affect The Energies, Know and Understand the black magick grids, The FALSE OVERLAYS keeping and trapping consciousness
  • Know Your Enemy: The Cabals Mission explained, and their main purpose, Extremely RICH, ancient bloodlines, connection to the Nephilim, Luciferians, Satanism, Yaldabaoth (aka the Demiurge), Saturn Moon Matrix Cube and The Archon Network of 4D Realms, controlled by TIME, Crimes Against Humanity
  • How We Can Fight, Reversing the black magick, Standing and SPEAKING TRUTH burns demons and lower forces, Patrolling and watching the skies for interdimensional interference, Clearing and cleaning up the energies
  • Recommended Readings for Further Inquiry, My Top 4 books to read and expand your knowledge on the TRUE Gnosis of reclaiming our realm back!

We also answered questions, and aI shared with you, my IN REAL LIFE, energetic activation! Recently, I went to a location on the Earth grid, in which Mother Earth, aka Sophia consciousness, guided and directed me to an occult monument, to awaken and activate its energy signature, back into the frequency of Earth!

We had successfully reclaimed the grids in a key location!

All of this, and so much more, was exposed and explained in my latest lecture, the replay is now available to watch inside the School of Mysticism

It is time to take back the forces of control from the Cabbalistic Elite Ruling class, whom have 

This is the culmination and tipping point of the spiritual battle, and if you are for Freedom, Love, and Higher Consciousness, you must be prepared to stand for what you believe in, against the tyrannical oppressor’s and elite. as known in Aikido, 

“Use your opponents strength against you”, and this is the true way to win this energetic battle, against the Dark Occultists Elite, and Archontic Forces. 

I will share with you ACTUAL STRATEGIES, and my “Metaphysical Battle Plan”, for removing the parasitical infection of this realm…

We the People, and The Earth are Reclaiming Our Home, Aeos Sophia, and are Taking it All Back!

Click here to access the replay!

Talk to you soon,


Tanuj Soodan

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