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I share with you in Costa Rica, the high vibrational, magickal art of water bending, energetically connecting and influencing the energies of water, and the Ocean.

The first video is a Hydrokinesis Mastery Activation at the Beach in Costa Rica…learn REAL LIFE water bending, and how you can perform it.


Even though this demonstration is real, many people have a hard time unlocking an accessing their innate energies and frequencies,

This is because one must be properly trained in this art, to fully master it.

The following video connects you to the element of water, how to channel and harmonize with its energies. How to feel and connect with the currents of water, ad they are your. How to merge your consciousness with the Ocean’s.

if you want to learn this ability, and have not enrolled into the School of Mysticism, you are highly missing out on in depth tutorials and strategies to learn this esoteric art!

Our 8 week group training program will be a MEGA ACCELERATION in all things Mystical, Energetic, and Spiritual, including waterbending!

P.S. 5 spots remaining before out 8 week training program, begins, THIS SATURDAY at 10 am.

Enrollment CLOSES Midnight July 9th,

If you are one of the students watching every video, applying every lesson, and learning profusely,

But you still don’t feel like it’s enough, I highly encourage you to join the Group Training Program…

Who’s going to get the remaining spots for our mega acceleration class?

Register here!

Talk to you soon,

Stay well



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