Hi I'm Tanuj | Spiritual Guide & Coach

My spiritual mission is to reach quantum levels of consciousness, and to guide others into their path of awakening, energetic mastery, and healing. I will guide you on how to master your energetic field, reprogram your subconscious mind, and create your own reality.         @JunaTK YouTube

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!The Matrix Unveiled Private Community Network


Have you ever wanted a private place to talk about higher consciousness topics, such as meditation, spirituality, energy, other dimensions, parallel realities, the Matrix, and more?

Well, then, I have something HUGE to share with you!

I have finally created The Matrix Unveiled PRIVATE Community!

Final Chance…Mystical Savings Ending Soon

The School of Mysticism BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR ENDS ON 12.31.22 Why Join Our Mystical Initiate's Annual savings membership? While the school is growing in students, courses, events, curriculum and teachings, our monthly annual rate will likely increase in the future...

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Eternal Truth Speakers This Way ➡️…

New YouTube Video Greetings, The secret to escaping the "reincarnation hell realm trick", is to be an ETERNAL TRUTH SPEAKER. It has come to my attention that this alone negates you from the Clutches of Yama, the False God of Time/Space, and allows you to ascend beyond...




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