Overcoming the Fear of Money, Entering Prosperity Consciousness


Today, I want to talk to you about the Fear of Money,

it’s probably the single most common fear most humans have…

People fear not having enough money, having too much, paying bills, not earning enough, ect. 

In my short, but intense few years of teaching and coaching others, this fear comes up probably more than anything else…

I’ll admit, I had to work through this myself as well, but, my fears were severely lessened, as I did not grow up in poverty, actually the opposite. 

So you may say “oh well you didn’t grow up “poor”, so how can you relate?”

Well, as a coach and teacher, I hear about this “program”, at LEAST once a day…

So how can we remedy this situation? 

In order to get OUT of fear of money, and INTO PROSPERITY, we must really understand what Money really is…

Most people have the FEAR of Money, that there’s will inevitably “run out”

But let’s observe nature for a moment, and see if this is possible at all…

See, it’s funny, because we NEVER worry about running out of oxygen/air to breathe. 

Most of us don’t worry about having enough water to drink either…

If you are reading this, you probably have access to decent quality food and nutrition as well. 

What about sunlight? Do you fear you won’t get enough sun to survive till tomorrow? 

No, you don’t. Why is that? Because the “Universe”, is INHERENTLY abundant

Meaning, if you KNOW that everything replenishes itself, provided a sufficient enough vacuum, nature seeks balance. 

Money, like all else, is an ENERGY, which flows, back and forth, from person to person.

Money is what our society attributes as “life force energy”, between individuals. 

Some people think that “money is inherently evil”…I think that is FOOLISH, and an unenlightened way of thinking

Why? Because money, just like anything else is a TOOL, and tools are NEUTRAL. It is in the hands of the wielder to decide how to use it and apply it.

The common response I hear from this is “well the world is run by evil, money hungry globalist, therefore money is evil”.

I cannot help but laugh at such a simplistic way of thinking. 

Imagine if these “globalists” also hoarded ALL of the FOOD, WATER, and technology in our society as well. (They kinda do, but that’s irrelevant for now)

Would you go around claiming that food, water, and technology is also evil? 

Try going a month without eating or drinking anything then, see how you feel…

What about technology? I can guarantee you are reading this message on a smartphone or a computer of some kind. 

The reality is…we need to change our thinking, 

Money is NOT evil, money is POWER, and most people FEAR power, because they are too fearful from within themselves, should they receive that power, that it would corrupt them. 

Money amplifies a person’s innate personality, because they are given more LIFEFORCE ENERGY to work with, and create their reality accordingly. 

Thus, evil people will do evil things with money, and righteous people will do good things with it. 

The reality is, if you want to live, a happy, healthy, prosperous, and abundant lifestyle in this world, you will need money to do it.

And if you EVER want to create REAL ABUNDANCE in your life, you will also need to learn about how to harness the energy and power of MONEY to work for you, to build your reality properly…

In order to do this, you must overcome the deep shadow of fear, scarcity, and lack. Instead, train your mind, to FEEL ABUNDANCE. 

Learn to focus on WEALTH CREATION, and PROSPERITY, INSTEAD of lack, limitation, and fear. 

When you make this quantum shift, you too, will open up massive timelines of abundance, to take care of your every desire and dream. 

You CAN make your life exponentially better, and the world around you too, once you LEARN to tap into your natural, birthright, which is ABUNDANCE. 

Nature did not make you in a lack state of consciousness, with ANYTHING it provides, so why should money be any different? 

Therefore, I have made it my MISSION, to discuss, teach, and share these VITAL teachings in our UPCOMING Mystical Adept’s 8 Week Group Training Program! 

My 8 week group training program will be a MASTERCLASS for all of those looking to DEPROGRAM themselves from all fears, limitations, and lack of money, as well as the TRUE WAY to monetize, and live in abundance WHILE SERVING your highest purpose, mission, and alignment to Spirit and Truth!

(Week 2 will be all about deprogramming limitations, and week 7 will be on quantum financial abundance!)

Do not wait, because our program starts on JULY 9th, at 10 am CST, and there are ONLY 5 spots left!!!

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Talk to you soon,

Stay well



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