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Greetings Mystical Beings,

IF you have been FEELING the LOOMING DARKNESS, DESPAIR, AND DANGERS of this WORLD, and it is taking a toll on you, you NEED to learn this Mystical Wisdom to set YOUR LIFE RIGHT!!!!

Do you wish to be spiritually free or a slave to the Matrix, ensnared by its deceptions?

What if you could wield REAL POWER and the ability to shape your reality with your Mind and Spirit?! Would you not seek the best methods, teachings, and training the world offers? If you are ready to fight back against the oppressive spiritual forces and become your Inner Godself, Magician, Sorcerer, Master Occultist, and Master of the Mystical Forces, take it upon yourself to Learn the Ancient secrets for yourself! This offer is coming to you RIGHT NOW, in the MOST accommodable, affordable, and easily accessible way possible. Right to your digital doorstep!

Your effort is minimal, and you attend the LIVE LECTURES, prepared to learn and broaden your studies… In the days of Antiquity, a Mystical Seeker had to travel far, open in an arduous, confusing journey, to receive the MIND of a Master and then Learn under his own limited knowledge. Well, NO LONGER, the School of Mysticism is rapidly growing in its database and knowledge set of course curriculum to expand the Beginner, Novice, and even Advanced Level Magickal Practitioner…

The School of Mysticism is a Modern Day Mystical School heavily advanced and rapidly growing thanks to the incredible gnosis and Wisdom across the digital realms. Access to over 200+ HOURS of EXCLUSIVE HD FOOTAGE!


🧙‍♂️ We will cover advanced and complex magickal training techniques, including but not limited to: energy shielding, astral and etheric combat, advanced energetic healing techniques, light gridding, etheric spelling, scrying, telekinesis, elemental magickal mastery, how to dramatically increase and evolve your magickal power to the HIGHEST PERCEPTIONS and Awareness you can receive.

8 LIVE Weekly Classes of Course Curriculum Training and Spiritual Learning. 👁 Master Your Occult Energies and Learn the Secrets of Mysticism to Manifest Your Dream Life. Remove Negative Energetic Programming, Liberate Your Spirit from The Matrix Reality, and tap into the Infinite Wisdom of Your Inner God Self.~

Read Our Mystical Initiate’s Fall Semester 8-Week Training Program Curriculum Here:

🔴 Class is LIMITED to 10 spots; registration is $1234.56 per student for the ENTIRE 8-week semester!

Payment plan is available here:

(SAVE 66% OFF the ORIGINAL VALUED PRICE for this 8 Week training program now!)

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See you in our FIRST class on September 24th!

Tanuj Soodan,

Head Instructor of
The School of Mysticism

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Testimonials From The Mystical Initiate’s
8 Week Summer Class of 2022
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