There Are A Few Crucial Themes I Have To Share With You For The Month Of October…(READ THIS!!)

Hey my friend,

In this weekly newsletter, I want to share with you, about some of the VERY POWERFUL energies, that have been taking place, ever since the start of October…

If you have not watched my FULL VIDEO on the October Energies, click here to view it.

The month of October, is bringing lots of energetic turmoil, challenges, and is “rocking the boat” so to speak…

The “Dark or Archonic Forces”, are slowly losing their grip on humanity, yet, it would seem, or appear, the opposite

This is far from the case, my friend, as it is ALWAYS darkest, just before the Dawn.

We are coming into the era of a BRAND NEW age, filled with higher vibrations of Light, Consciousness, and Energy…

The retaliation we see now, is simply the destruction of the Old frequencies, which will give Birth to the New World, and its people.

We are reminded, at this time, by the Higher Light Forces, that are working in conjugation with Humanity, to help the Spiritual and Energetic Ascension process, to not give into the Darkness, instead, face it


We are our own saviors, and we are the LIGHT, that will create this new world, and as we begin to accept this, other “galactic light forces”, will start to naturally appear around and near us.

Your Soul Family is here…and October 31st, is quickly approaching…

This date, All Hallows Eve, or Samhain, is powerfully known as a day of mass energetic harvesting, turmoil, and frequencies clashing.

It is for this reason, this month, i will be conducting a LIVE CLASS, for all of my students, Mystical Adepts, in the School of Mysticism.

We will be focusing heavily on psychic and energetic protection, from these Archonic Forces, strengthening our own energy fields, and learning to better shape our realities…

This LIVE CLASS, will be available, for ALL STUDENTS enrolled in my Mystical Adept Membership,

If you want to take place in this energy strengthening, activation, and protection ritual, click here to sign up!

I am highly looking forward to connecting with you, and solidifying my light in conjunction with you, during these times of Great Change, and Activation…

The Time is NOW, we cannot be held back any longer, the Light and Truth of Divinity will win, and Reclaim Earth…

We are Earth’s Mighty Lightworkers, Guardians, and Galactic Shamans.
Click here to join the Mystical Adept Tribe, and become a part of the October Samhain Energetic Ritual For Self Activation and Mastery!

See you soon!

💛 🧘‍♂️

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