Have you ever wanted a private place to talk about higher consciousness topics, such as meditation, spirituality, energy, other dimensions, parallel realities, the Matrix, and more?

Well, then, I have something HUGE to share with you!

I have finally created The Matrix Unveiled PRIVATE Community!

The Mission

Welcome to the PRIVATE COMMUNITY of The Matrix Unveiled! This is a sacred space where individuals interested in consciousness, energy, financial abundance, metaphysics, spirituality, and tribe connection can UNITE! We welcome you to join us in LOVE, PEACE, MAGICK, and HARMONY!

An incredible place for like-minded souls, such as yourselves, to connect, share, explore, and vibe together! 

Benefits of Joining

  • An online community forum on a variety of topics
  • Connect with members and Tanuj instantly!
  • Blog Articles dedicated to spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being!
  • Social Media FREE Interaction
  • Member’s Only Chat
  • Access to PDFs, meditations, resources, images, videos, and much more, not shared anywhere publicly!

  • Group coaching, courses, the metaphysical academy, monthly live community Zoom calls, and more! (Not included with the singular plan, upgrade required)

What’s Inside? 

Its like one big giant universal and cosmic party inside, and we are just waiting for you to join us!

This is also where I will be teaching courses, blogs, the metaphysical academy, group coaching, and membership programs!

We are navigating FULL STEAM ahead into the higher vibratory realms, and I would be HONORED if you would join us into this higher dimensional; experience.

(imagine the launch of this community like a hyper-dimensional energy field that is now starting to activate, spin, and vibrate, and YOU get to be apart of that when you join the community!

I’ll see you inside my friend!

(P.S. the price is currently ONLY a one-time fee of $9.99, but that price is subject to change as we expand and evolve)




Join the community!


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