My most recent Healing Ritual For Hire!

Need an Energy Boost? MY Amazing ENERGY RITUAL FOR HIRE HEALS C*VID In Client… 


Orgone Energy + Life Force + Intention + Meditation + Magic = Healing, Abundance, Love, Prosperity, Infinite Energy, Consciousness, and Peace ï’› ⚡ 律‍♂️ ☀️ ♾

Dear Friend, 

I need to share with you what happened yesterday…

I had just finished doing a ENERGY HEALING RITUAL, for a client, and it was incredible. I felt great, the energy surged through me, and to the healing target effortlessly. 

My client was suffering from C*VID, yes, for real, its someone I know, and he really had a high temperature, and sickness!

So, upon hearing this, I immediately offered to CREATE a Custom Made Energy Healing Ritual, to BOOST, and counteract the effects of this terrible disease! 

I recorded the entire video, to send to him, which he can watch an infinite amount of times. 

Spirit gifted me with an incredible ability to focus my energy and intentions effortlessly, to create real change in the physical world, and help YOU on your journey! 

Seeing the success, of my client, I have decided, I am going to be offering healing and other rituals for hire, to any of you, who are interested in developing a certain area in your life!

Check out the Testimonial below! This was David’s results, after just a few hours of me running the energy, his temperature went from a sickly 100.6F to a NORMAL 98.6! All without pills, I would say that was a success! 

These rituals are going to be CUSTOM MADE for you, after we discuss your specific needs and goals…

Here’s an example…

Having trouble with finances? I’ll create an effortless money ritual for you…  滋

Need some motivation, or life force in general, I can send you a powerful boost, ☀️⚡ to your . 

This is no different than energy healing in person, the only difference is, you will get a live video + 24-48 hrs of added power and energy to your goals and desires. 

Here’s the problem that most people face, when trying to create a manifestation, they simply just do not have enough energy…

Well, I have FIXED that problem, I know how to tap into UNLIMITED ENERGY streams, 

oh, and the near future, I will be teaching a new course on that too! That way, you don’t have to rely on me, for added energy. 

But, if you feel stuck, need an extra boost, or just want some support, I am here for you, and I can act as a powerful energy catalyst for all of you manifestation desires!

Simply email me back at,, the TYPE OF RITUAL, (and the type, love, money, career, purpose, healing, spiritual, ect.) if you are interested in receiving your very own, custom made, energetic ritual for hire! 

Give me a very specific descriptions of EXACTLY what you want to create in your life, and then I will respond, promptly, with what I need from you, to begin!

I am SUPER eager, to be releasing this service to you all, so take advantage of it while you can!

P.S. I have a LIMITED quantity of how many rituals I can take a week, + energy, so contact me personally, through a direct message, if you really want to save your spot for a certain issue!

Also note, ritual energy power can come in varying degrees, entry level rituals will start at $200 range, with a moderate amount of life force behind it. 

(Higher end rituals, with more power can be over $1000).

If you want something seriously powerful, that will increase the price. Each ritual is custom made, after you declare your specific requirements, and then price is set, based on that. 

I am not sure if this service will be around permanently, but right now, I am experimenting with it, out of a genuine desire to help aid, and explore new territory within consciousness energy fields. 

Looking forward to helping you activate your energetic potential, and helping unlock your innate abilities from within. 

Talk soon,


– Tanuj Soodan  

(Email me RITUAL and the TYPE, and an exact, but BRIEF description of exactly what the GOAL is, and I will respond promptly, with my requirements for you!)

Creator and Head Instructor
of The Matrix Unveiled and School of Mysticism 

❄⭐ 律‍♂️

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