The Mystical Ascent Mastery Course

Welcome TRIBE, to the School of Mysticism, and the FIRST OFFICIAL COURSE! This video course, will be all about giving you the basic overview of what the School is dedicated to, the Art of Mysticism, meaning reaching spiritual ascent, in vibration, consciousness, and awareness.

Together, we will dive deep into our consciousness, and explore the depths of the Universal minds, realty, energy, and existence! This is the PATH for all seekers. We will transform TOGETHER and Become MASTERS of our Realities…

In the following video, I will outline the basics of connecting into the Reality, and the Matrix, and how I best achieve results…

Be sure to post your comments, thoughts, questions, and more, in the spaces below! 

Get ready for this video discourse….and the LAUNCH into your spiritual and METAPHYSICAL ASCENT!



  • Learn the ancient secrets of Mysticism, previously only accessible by Gurus, Sages, Enlightened Beings, and 
  • The Path of the Mystic, and How to Create Mystical Ascension From Within
  • Connect to the ENERGY of your environment, BECOMING ONE with the UNIVERSE and Reality
  • Merge Your Energy and Connect into the Universal Mind
  • Free Yourself From Attachments and Karmic Energies
  • Become a MODERN-DAY MYSTIC, Practically Adapted to 21st Century Spirituality!

You Will Learn

  • Tanuj’s MOST Potent Meditation Techniques, and Strategies, to Induce Altered States of Consciousness and Awareness
  • How to Activate Your Energy Field and Consciousness
  • How to Produce Energy From Your Throat, Palm, Third Eye, Chakras!
  • The Intricate Relationship between Consciousness, Lifeforce, and Your Personal Energetic Signature
  • How to PREFORM LIVE Energy Rituals, Personal Energetic Activations, and Activate Your Connection to The Infinite Energy Source 
  • How to Balance Your Light and Dark Side, Your Illuminated Consciousness, and “Dark Side”, or Shadow Self
  • Embrace Emotional Mastery, Navigating and Transmuting Your Emotions Effortlessly, and With Ease
  • Understand the Matrix Reality, or “Maya”, with pinpoint accuracy


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