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Today, I wanted to share with you our EXACT curriculum, that we will be covering within our Mystical Adepts 8 week group training program, which begins at 10 am, Central, Saturday, June 4th.

The following curriculum is outlined below, which will cover our week to week lesson plan. Each week, we will be meeting for 1 hour, and I will be lecturing on the following teachings respectively.

Week 1:
The Origin Point – Incarnation Into the Matrix – How to Discover Your Soul’s Mission and LIVE it!

Week 2:
Inner trauma healing, remedying limiting beliefs, blockages, and doubts on your purpose and mission in life. Clear your OLD Identity to create a NEW VERSION

Week 3: Strengthening your Divine connection, practical strategies and techniques to increase your Magickal and Mystical connection

Week 4: Practical Psychic Defense, How to Combat Negative Entities, Lower Vibrations, and Matrix Traps/Deceptions

Week 5: Quantum Financial Abundance, how to monetize your soul’s mission and experience revolutionary abundance. Free Yourself From the Matrix Cage of Slavery

Week 6: Meditation Mastery, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, and other worldly navigation. Master the Art of interdimensional contact and communication to answer your deepest spiritual and metaphysical connection. Learn the art of otherworldly travel, and communication between worlds and dimensions.

Week 7: Consistency, Motivation, How to Overcome Resistance, and continue to fuel your fire, energetically on your soul’s mission, and purpose, as well as spiritual journey

Week 8: Magickal Enhancements, use Real Life Magickal Rituals and Spells to Manifest what you want, NOW, faster, easier, and with more consistency. Learn how to harness Magick to effortlessly create your own Magickal reality!!!

The following lessons are completely exclusive to this 8 week group coaching program, and are not acessible anywhere else. NOTE: There are ONLY 10 spots available for this 8 week group coaching program! Spots are limited, and will fill up quickly! Payment must be fully sent BEFORE you can be enrolled into the Group Training Program. 

Our Program starts Saturday, 10 am Central Standard Time, runtime from June 4th, 2022-July 23rd! 

Talk to you soon, and looking forward to learning, sharing, and diving deep inside our group training program together! 

(BTW, did you see our new logo yet? It is down below and will link you to our Group Training Program, I think it is a powerful and clean refresher of our community and representation of The School of Mysticism.)

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Tanuj Soodan

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