Tanuj’s EXCLUSIVE Mystical Adept’s 8 Week Training Program Begins Saturday, June 4th, 10 am Central. Watch now to learn more!
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Greetings Soul Traveler,


There are ONLY 10 SPOTS available to join The School of Mysticism, Mystical Adept’s 8 Week Group Training Program…

For the next 2 months, I will focusing ALL of my teaching and educational efforts on training a EXCLUSIVE group of Mystical Seekers and Adepts, looking for the most premium, essential, and metaphysically potent gnosis, and education to learn, in the Journey towards Metaphysical and Energetic Mastery, 

You have been following The Matrix Unveiled for some time now…

You have been hearing the words, listening to the videos, applying the actions, and working consistently, to upgrade your soul’s signature, and raise you frequency

But, perhaps you felt “stuck”, confused, or lost. Alone, without a TRIBE, or a teacher, someone to GUIDE YOU, amidst the chaos, confusion, and deceits of The Matrix

You may be wanting to “find your purpose”, and really live and actualize it, in this World.

You are LOOKING to find the exact reasons for your incarnations here…

All while trying to understand the deeper secrets of the Hologram, and how you can safely, effectively, and effortlessly navigate it. 

Imagine if you learned the PROFOUND magickal, mystical, and down right practical skills, techniques, and abilities, that YOU NEEDED, in order to make your life as effortless, harmonious, and “in the flow”, as possible. 

Now is the TIME to level up your training, gnosis, and approach to spirituality. The old world is falling apart, and you will need an instruction manual to navigating the NEW WORLD and its guidelines. 

If you are ready to up level your life, and experience the greatest version of your Matrix incarnation EVER, the TIME is now! 

My BRAND NEW 8 WEEK, Mystical Adept’s Group Coaching Program Will Include The Following: 

  • 8 Weekly 1 hour LIVE Zoom sessions
  • Practical lessons on Life Purpose, Energetic and Soul Mastery
  • How to use BEGINNER and ADVANCED matrix teachings to HACK the HOLOGRAM, and build the reality of your choosing
  • How to EXIT low vibrational situations, circumstances, and relationships
  • How to Protect your energy, increase your life force energy, and raise your consciousness EXPONENTIALLY
  • How to use the aid of the spiritual realms and “otherworldly” guidance to achieve your goals, break through barriers, and uplift your consciousness
  • Newly created lessons, teachings, and information, for ALL STUDENTS

For this Group Training Program, I have built an ENTIRELY NEW training and video course lessons + basic courses included into the Mystical Adept Membership!

The following training program is being built from the GROUND UP, meaning there will be BRAND NEW teachings, never before shared 

NOTE: There are ONLY 10 spots available for this 8 week group coaching program! Spots are limited, and will fill up quickly! Payment must be fully sent BEFORE you can be enrolled into the Group Training Program. 

Our Program starts Saturday, 10 am Central Standard Time, runtime from June 4th, 2022-July 23rd! 

Talk to you soon, and looking forward to learning, sharing, and diving deep inside our group coaching program together! 

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Tanuj Soodan

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