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I enjoyed the webinar a lot. I thought it was a very good, ground level explanation of the basics within the crypto space. Anyone who witnessed the livestream should be able to step foot, at the minimum, into bitcoin.
– Lana McAra

I’m starting to feel more accustomed to how crypto works, but I’ll still need to re-watch it at least once more.
– Lesly Damai

I found it extremely helpful. I had dabbled in cryptocurrency for some time but didn’t have a complete understanding of how all the pieces fit together. Now I do. Very grateful I’m finally getting this after owning a tiny amount of crypto since 2018. Thank you so much!
– Haska Sun

I enjoyed it. Most of it was hard to intake. New info is. Thanks for sharing it. When I listen over and over subconsciously it will sink in like water to a sponge.
– Terry Wyatt

The Goal:

The Cryptocurrency Market has been BOOMING within the last year, and creating financial sovereignty is a REAL possibility with this new industry!

Too many people are “caught up” in the Matrix Reality because of a 9-5 job, or financial slavery, and in order to truly spiritually evolve, souls must have dedicated time, energy, and mental space in order to focus on their spiritual practices.

Regain your power, from the financial system, and your TIME, so you can dedicate yourself to your spiritual path!

What You Will Learn:

In this workshop, the individual will learn the skills, techniques, and methods, in order to understand cryptocurrency, how to successfully trade, invest, profit, and quite literally, HACK and ATTRACT WEALTH into their lives!

You will QUITE literally learn the METAPHYSICAL, and PHYSICAL skills in order to MASTER the markets, and have an EDGE over creating wealth!

Our Unique Approach:

This strategy towards trading, investing, and working with cryptocurrency, is not just based on the physical, we will be teaching ENERGETIC, and INTUITIVE skills in order to make accurate and beneficial moves! This is a CONSCIOUS, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL strategy in order to to create financial abundance, and energetically program wealth!


  • Learn the TOP coins that are GUARANTEED
  • to explode in the coming years, how you can take advantage of their current market positions, and MAXIMIZE your profits!
  • Learn the BEST exchanges, tools, wallets, and systems to TRADE your crypto effortlessly, without stress, and safety from thieves, scammers, or glitches.
  • Learn to have “Diamond Hands”, how to HOLD, play the LONG-TERM game, and ride the MARKET WAVES for long term growth!


This event was held on Sunday May 9th 2021 at 12 PM EST. The webinar is now available for replay purchase.


Save 57% for a LIMITED TIME OFFER! 

Now included with the purchase of the webinar is LIFETIME ACCESS to the community forum, membership site, and inner circle of The Matrix Unveiled spiritual community!

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