Living Your Soul’s Mission and Manifesting Abundance

Tomorrow, we will be talking about money…and how you can FINALLY learn to attract it, FOR REAL…

Your soul’s mission, is a valuable, set of skills, talents, and abilities, you have unlocked, perfected, and learned, over a series of incarnations, and physical life times.

Your gifts, DESERVE to be honored, perfected, and are in NEED of a great service to the world!

I bet you have a dream, a talent, a skill, that you are ITCHING to share with the world…

Well, the world deserves to receive your healing energy and abilities!

But you also need to think of yourself, and how you will be compensated for…therefore, you will need to LEARN how to use your SOUL’S MISSION, and MONETIZE it!

Why? One word…freedom! Because I live my mission and purpose in Life, I am able to live my life as comfortable and abundant, as I desire it to be.

Today, I woke up, and spent the rising sun at the Beach, here in Costa Rica, I was harnessing, and perfecting my hydrokinetic and luminous magickal techniques,

Allowing the energy of Nature and my own energy field to flow effortlessly…

If you want to have the TIME, FREEDOM, and PASSION to LIVE and LEARN about what you do,

Actually make a meaningful contribution to life, and your existence around you, you NEED to learn how to monetize your soul’s mission, become free from financial problems, and finally grasp the power of money!

It is, after all, just another form of energy, and to vibrate beyond this Matrix, you must master all forms of energy and magick.

So, if that sounds AWESOME, and you are ready to learn, monetize your soul’s, mission, and FINALLY do work, that is meaningful in your life, and others,

join us now, TOMORROW, on Week 5 of our 8 week Mystical Adept’s Group Training Program

Week 5: Quantum Financial Abundance, How To Monetize Your Soul’s Mission and Live It!

(P.S. there are ONLY 3 spots open for our program, class starts tomorrow 10 am CST)

See you there, 

Tanuj Soodan

Creator of The School of Mysticism

(How To Monetize You Soul’s Mission and Life’s Purpose)


oin Week 5’s Class: Quantum Financial Abundance and Your Soul’s Mission

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