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Hey, let me be REAL with you for a minute…

Does this sound like you?

Each day you awaken, from a slumber of unconsciousness, unhappiness, and dependency…to the System, to survive and just to make it through to the next day…

You wake up, and are “rushed to work”, where day after day, you SLAVE AWAY at a 9 to 5 routine job,

Your time, energy, and spiritual gifts, all being abused by corporations, who maximize your usefulness, while only rewarding you with pennies for your efforts.

You don’t feel creative, intuitive, or in tune with Spirit.

Instead, you feel drained, lethargic, heavy, depressed and empty, wondering if life could be any different for you…

This DOES NOT have to be the way your life is, you CAN break free from the corporate clutches of the Matrix!

You CAN come into a place of certainty, stability, and peace, while living your spiritual mission in life.

There IS a solution to your problems…

In our last latest conversation LIVE in the School of Mysticism we discussed the absolute keys strategies and techniques to build a heart centered business,

a business that relies on your individual soul’s strengths, talents, and innate divine gifts, all WHILE providing the most value, contribution, service, and LOVE to the World you can…

In our latest live lecture, we discussed the fundamental principles of business and heart centered business mastery.

It has come to my attention lately that the economic system we are currently in is no longer feasible or possible to work.

Thus, it is our job as spiritually based entrepreneurs and higher consciousness beings to create heart centered business structures. The creation of a heart centered business is no easy task whatsoever.

Therefore, I have created the TMU Business Mastery Course.
This is why building a heart centered business is of vital and crucial importance in our changing matrix reality.

The TMU Business Mastery Course is a quantum masterclass for the rising entrepreneur looking to solidify the top proven strategies in 2022 for wealth and sovereignty creation.

Your audience deserves your heart based products and services. They need your help and wisdom and guidance.

All you need to do is follow the instructions in our latest quantum masterclass to learn the secrets of creating a heart based business be a part of the entrepreneurial and financial revolution of the times.

We are becoming sovereign creators. It is time for you to step up to the plate and engineer your own reality.

Join and harness your connection to the quantum reality, ENROLL NOW into The TMU Business Mastery course for Creating a Magickal Empire of Success money, abundance and TRUE SOUL VALUE within this world.

Currently The School of Mysticism is closed for monthly enrollments.

However, the launch of the TMU Business Mastery course is now available for enrollment through The School of Mysticism.

We will be having secondary live sessions inside of the Business Mastery Course exclusive only to business mastery students.

That will also be additional resources, lectures, PDFs and guidebooks included in your course subscription.

The Financial Revolution is Here! Join us on the GROUND FLOOR of Breakthroughs and Human Evolution!

This is a one time enrollment fee. Enroll now limited time offer.

Much love,

Talk to you soon,

Tanuj Soodan

Build Your Heart Centered Business
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