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The School of Mysticism returns this Fall with a powerfully crafted course curriculum, designed to enhance your mystical capabilities…

This month The School of Mysticism, FALL SEMESTER 2022, 8-Week Master Guide Course Curriculum  returns and will bring the Mystical Initiate through a FULL initiation into the practices of magickal adulthood, reality creation, and navigating the Ethereal and Multidimensional Realms within Creation.

8 LIVE Weekly Classes of Course Curriculum Training and Spiritual Learning, Master Your Occult Energies and Learn the Secrets of Mysticism to Manifest Yor Dream Life, Remove Negative Energetic Programming, Liberate Your Spirit from The Matrix Reality, and tap into the Infinite Wisdom of Your Inner God Self. 

We will cover advanced and complex magickal training techniques, energy shielding, astral and etheric combat, advanced energetic healing techniques, light gridding and etheric spelling, scrying, telekinesis, elemental magickal mastery, how to dramatically increase and evolve your magickal power to the HIGHEST PERCEPTIONS and Awareness you can receive.

Course Curriculum

  • 8 EXCLUSIVE LIVE 1.5 Hour LIVE Metaphysical Lessons
  • The Foundations of Magickal Discovery and Development
  • Reality Creation and Soul Mastery
  • Energy Shielding and Practical Psychic Self Defense
  • Astral and Ethereal Energetic Travel
  • Wealth Management Mastery Lessons + Abundance Creation+ Acceleration 10X
  • Matrix Etheric Navigation Expert Gnosis
  • Etheric Light Body Healing Mastery
(valued at $3,600)

Combined for a TOTAL of 10.5 + EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Coaching Content and Metaphysical Lessons.

Ready to Level Up Your Mystical Abilities and Gnosis? Tired of being stuck in The Matrix?

Our Fall Semester Class Registration Drops NOW… 

Class is LIMITED to 10 spots, Registration is $1234.56 per student, for the ENTIRE 8 week semester!

(SAVE 66% OFF the ORIGINAL VALUED PRICE for this 8 Week training program now!)

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See you inside our FIRST class, on September the 24th!

Tanuj Soodan,

Head Instructor of

The School of Mysticism

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Testimonials From The Mystical Initiate’s
8 Week Summer Class of 2022
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Note: All course enrollments are FINAL, and NON-REFUNDABLE, due to the nature of the content and product. All sales are final, as noted in the Terms of Service. By purchasing and signing up to this program, you are ensuring you commit to this program, self development, and your own life choices as a result. Only sign up if you are TRULY committed, and ready to take this deeper journey ahead of you. 

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