Inner Alchemization 🧬 The Shadow Rebirthing Process🔥 8 Week Training Program Week 2: How To Do Real Spirituality



Today’s video lesson covers the elements of shadow work, its integral process in the Spiritual Awakening Process, and how you can discover, heal, and integrate yourself, from within.

It is important that we stay in touch with or inner emotions, feel any unprocessed energies and release all stagnations within our energy fields…

For, if we hold onto stagnate energy, or do not make the time for our emotions, we will never find true clarity of thought, inner wisdom, or our higher calling.

In this video newsletter, I share with you, practical tips, strategies, and methods you can use to unlock your inner shadows deepest blocks, traumas, and limitations.

i also share, once unlocking your inner heart’s desires, facing your fears, worries, and limitations, how you can begin to

Watch the 20 minute video lesson here, and begin your journey to Inner Healing Now!

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We will be discussing an intensive deep dive into the foundations of metaphysics, spirituality, and consciousness,

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