What Is Life Purpose? 

As a spiritual being, all souls, have a specific, unique, and custom-made purpose for their existence. Just like nature, each animal, insect, plants, and all other life-forms, each play a delicate role in the balancing of homeostasis within the environment. For example, without the bees, none of the flowers would become pollinated, which would prevent hundreds of insects and animals from being alive.

Without a proper food source, they would struggle to survive, which would then in turn affect hundreds of other animal populations. As the animal populations would decrease, human population in return would decrease. This is the delicate cycle  of unique human purpose.

Oftentimes, humans forget that they are actually a part of Nature, and a very integral piece of it. Human beings once lived among the trees, forests, and natural civilization, before we migrated into domesticated living situations. These living situations have disconnected and caused us to forget our integral purpose in nature. 

 Just like each animal, plants, tree, fungi, and insect,  human beings also serve a purpose within this world. Because our world is so drastically different from the natural world of nature,  We often think that our only purpose in life is to survive, “make money”,  and live a lifestyle of hedonism, pleasure, or self-gratification. 

The truth is, no human being, was simply put on this planet to live emptily, in a life of pure hedonistic pleasure. Humans were born into the squirrels, and created, with the same Divinity that creates everything else. 

Life purpose to me, is the very thing that the Divine spark of intelligence, the universe, the infinite intelligence, God, or any other word that you would use, created your individual soul signature. Each of us have our own energy field, with a unique Soul signature, and we find different ways to express the soul energy, in our lifetime. Some people Express this energy through music, art, writing, video creation, physical activity, building and creating things, and so many other messages. Your life purpose is the culmination, and the absolute reason for existing in physical reality. I want you to ask this very important question as you read this information. Who am I?  why did I incarnate in this physical reality? Why am I here?  Why did the Divine create me the way I am? How can I fulfill my purpose? 

Life purpose is the thing that you dedicate your life to. It is the very energy that flows through you, what you focus your entire life on. It’s something that moves you immensely, with immense passion, dedication, love, and a willingness to continue with a certain field. Think about how Michael Jordan feels when he was dribbling a basketball on the court. The amount of passion that he had while playing basketball was immense, oh, and profound. He became the greatest basketball player ever, because of his immense passion for the sport. Life purpose is something that you wake up excited every single day to focus on, and go to sleep thinking about, with hundreds of thoughts or new ideas, to continue onward. Think about a creative genius, inventor, or creator, like Nikola Tesla. When an individual  it’s so incredibly focused on creating a task, building something, finishing an art piece, or discovering a new breakthrough, they won’t sleep, eat, or even sometimes use the bathroom, because they do not want to lose the immense state of concentration, flow, and 100% of their energy is focused on achieving their goal. This is the energy of life ‘s purpose. It is the energy of the Divine, moving through a singular individual, to create an immense amount of focus, determination, breakthrough, revelation, and spiritual progression. This is the energy that you should live your life with. Life is meant to be a creation of your Divine expression, it is not meant to be a system of systemic slavery.

How To Discover Your Life Purpose?

 It’s simple, really, ask yourself, what do I obsess over? What am I immensely passionate about? What does my heart crave to live, breathe, and even die for? Every. Single. Day. For myself, sharing my knowledge, coaching people, writing, and all things spiritual/metaphysical/self improvement, and self-transcendence, are my life purpose. I strive to make the world a better place, through spiritual and self-growth. In this broad life purpose, I have narrowed down the focus, to various different topics. Your life purpose will be similar in the aspect that you will have to narrow down a very broad field, into a sense of pinpoint direction. Without this pinpointing of direction, you will most likely feel overwhelmed, stressed, confused, and uncertain about what you should be doing in your life.

The key is to start simply. listen to your heart nudges. What does your heart really want you to do in this world? Follow that. Follow it relentlessly. Don’t try to figure out where or how or when or what you’re actually doing, just simply do it. Be immersed in the present moment, and the experience of following down this trail, that you are uncertain where it is truly going. Once you recognize that this path was created by a higher intelligence, beyond the space of the ego, you will see that this direction will lead you to the right place in your life. It takes a man’s trust, faith, and a willingness to be brave, and express yourself, against the grain. 

As you follow this path, and start to trust in the universe, and start to believe that you truly do have a deeper calling in your life, things will start to reveal themselves. People will be drawn to you, to help you on your mission, your life will start to change. You will slowly discover that life purpose is not a singular topic, or Focus, but a path of reality. You can do two things. You can either follow the mainstream, get a job, work for someone else, and build someone else’s reality, or you can do the brave thing, the thing that makes no logical sense, the thing that’s counter intuitive, which is to follow your heart. Follow your bliss, as it has been stated many times. When you actually decide to follow your bliss, you will find more bliss. It’s actually the very simple and most logical choice, to follow your passion, however, our society has taught us that our life’s work, job, or existence, is meaningless, unfulfilling, and something that is supposed to be a chore. This is not how reality is meant to be lived. Reality is a dream, and it is meant to be expressed,  the way the dreamer decides it should be.

 How To Get Started On Your Life Purpose

Getting started is simple, as I said before, simply follow that first heart nudge that you feel.  Whether this leads you to creating a block, writing a book, opening a YouTube channel, starting a business, quitting your old job, opening a restaurant or store that you’ve always desired, or whatever other possible idea that you have, has to come from your heart. If it’s not coming from your heart, it’s not coming from a place of true authenticity. The key is to get into your uniqueness, and express your soul energy, in a way that has not been expressed by anyone before. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to shake up other people’s versions or expectations of you. Don’t be afraid to let go of old Ayala Jesus of how you are supposed to live your life. What you’re doing here, is transforming your self-image, of a person that lives according and for others, to a person that is living in authenticity, fearlessness, and divine inspiration.

The Highest Path of Truth

Do not listen to what other people are telling you, especially regarding your life purpose. Many people will doubt you in the beginning, they won’t believe in your vision, they will not think that you will have what it takes to achieve or succeed, because they themselves are too fearful, to go against the grain. Therefore, they will project their own feelings of unworthiness, doubt, fear, and uncertainty to you. You must be strong, fearless, and have an unconquerable will, when pursuing your path of highest truth. 

They may even question why you decide to do what you’re doing. This is all totally normal. Remember that the Universe tests us in many ways. Your friends and family asking and inquiring about your newfound purpose, is a means of the universe testing you. It wants to see if you’re going to stand up to reality, society, and the expectations of your existence. Are you going to defend your life purpose, and truly become authentic and how you share your message with the world? Or, are you going to back down, go into your shell like a turtle, and retreat? The choice is ultimately yours, but understand that the truly painful choice, the truly terrible choice, and the choice that will cause the most suffering, is actually the choice that goes against your true authenticity.

Staying Motivated

Many times, on this path of great uncertainty, and very little “true direction”, we will easily feel like giving up, quitting, and resorting to our old reality. This is the test of the ego, society, and our own shadow consciousness (more on that later), which wants to undermine our ability to follow through with our soul’s mission. The solution to this problem is to see your soul’s mission, or life purpose, as the only reason why you exist. It’s not a choice, and its not something you can just “quit”. Ask yourself, does the Sun just “quit” shining its rays, heat, warmth, and light, on the world? What about the animals, birds, and all other living creatures? What about the trees? Do they ever stop converting carbon dioxide into oxygen? They are incapable of such an event. They were created for a certain purpose, a divine purpose, which brings balance, peace, and immense value to the world. Without the sun, trees, or many of the animals, each other life form, including humans, would cease to exist. It’s the exact same thing with life purpose. This is the perspective and light, that you should see your life purpose, as an imperative, integral, absolute reason. See yourself sharing your light with the world, as the fundamental reason for your existence.

Do You Need Help?

If you need help understanding your life purpose, how to get started, and what to do, apply for my coaching program. I help people professionally, to teach them exactly how to live their life purpose, and live in alignment with their soul’s mission. I only work with people who are absolutely serious about their soul’s mission, and are willing to dedicate their time, energy, and money, to become their greatest versions of themselves. You can apply here. Much love, gratitude, and high vibrations. – Tanuj Soodan

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