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A Message of High Vibrations, Happy Spring Equinox!
In my latest video lecture, I share the absolute importance of maintaining a positive, high vibrational outlook on reality, and how a negative mindset is a trap for your subconscious mind, and manifesting your reality

Despite the conflict and negativity in the world, I share with you in the following video, a message of incredible upliftment, and positivity!

If you are someone who is struggling in life, needs spiritual help, to stay positive, motivated, and focused on your life purpose, as well as Soul Mission,

If you need spiritual help, are struggling finding direction, purpose, guidance, and protection from lower, denser vibrations,


Lets examine your unconscious behaviors, programming, and limiting beliefs!

1 Month Coaching Sessions Available Now!

Solo coaching sessions Available Now for a LIMITED TIME OFFER!!

Book now, as I have LIMITED availability for the REST of March and April!

NOTE: Appointments are booked within 1-2 weeks, depending on availability!

I have a FEW LIMITED spots available for Spiritual Life Coaching, 

Talk to you soon,


Tanuj Soodan

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