Tanuj’s Metaphysical Group Coaching


JULY 2021 Now Available!!!


Program starts in July 2021!

Disclaimer: Once enrolling, your spot cannot be refunded. Please ensure that before booking a call, that you are ready to pay the ENTIRE coaching experience, and that you can afford it. Pricing is a fixed rate. 

Pricing: $500/Month For A Total of $1500


  • Experience DEEP spiritual healing, meditation techniques, and soul integration
  • Discover and unlock the steps to fulfilling and living your Soul’s Purpose! 
  • Understand, cultivate, and expand your spiritual connection to the Universe and Reality Creation
  • Unlock your dormant spiritual abilites and develop your extra-sensory perceptions!
  • Connect with a Tribe of 9 other people, to experience DEEP soul connections, and meet a spiritual family!
  • 12 Weekly 1 hour Sessions Through Zoom Call
  • Become a Reality Creator
  • Discover your biggest goals, desires, and dreams, 
  • Unlock your AUTHENTIC Life Purpose
  • Create powerful vision for your life purpose and goals
  • Create ACTION STEPS to move towards your goals
  • Identify your deepest fear, insecurities, blocks, and obstacles
  • Learn to activate your energy signature
  • Master your energy signature
  • Unlock your multi-dimensionality
  • Unlock the SECRETS of the MATRIX
  • Reconnect with Nature
  • Connect to the elemental energies (wind, water, fire, earth)
  • Unlock astral projection, extra-sensory perception, precognition, psychokinesis, lucid dreaming, 
  • Create powerful relationships, friendships, and connections
  • Learn how to FINALLY become financially free
  • Become the highest version of yourself
  • Learn how to create financial abundance
  • Unlock your psychology and subconscious mind 
  • 10 X your learning curve
  • Align deeply with the Universe


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