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 📲 The Matrix is dialing you…don’t pick up the phone, Neo…

They may invite you to chat, hang out, or spend time together. You will likely find this odd because as you develop your consciousness and expand your awareness, you will have less and less desire to hang around specific people. These people are highly “worldly” and overly concerned with materialism, society, and the divisions of the Matrix. The encounter will strike you as odd, and something might tell you deep inside your intuition that this person contacting you is not a coincidence. For example, you have just unlocked your life’s purpose, spiritual mission, and energies, so you tirelessly pursue this path of gnosis and development. You begin to catch your potential and work on improving your abilities spiritually.

➡️ Suddenly, there is an interruption in the flow by the “interference” from someone else in the environment, perhaps a friend, neighbor, or another individual.

What usually transpires next is the process of this other individual interrupting or attempting to distract you from whatever you were trying to do, mainly if you had just generated an expert level of groundbreaking new thought.

We must comprehend that because reality is holographic, and our thought streams generate creative thought energies every time we think a thought. It is broadcasted through the ethers into the realms of the nonphysical, ethereal power. From there, it can begin to ripple out into the Multiversal Realms.

Once thoughts start to ripple into reality, they can generate and form into the “Ethereal Light Realms,” which store all information fields of awareness and luminous consciousness. This bright field of awareness and energetic potential can then begin to take form in the material form in the form of elements,s wind, water, fire, earth, and air. The combination of all of the elements begins the process of materialization from the spiritual dimensions into the physical dimensions of awareness. Through the process of ethereal manifestation and bending the electromagnetic currents around oneself begins the process of subtly creating and weaving one’s reality.

Thus, the Matrix seeks to stop one from doing so and will send a host of distractions, deterrents, people to keep you busy and occupy your time, or even perhaps noises from the environment outside, creating distracting energies and frequencies. These are all designed to test oneself, but the Divine Spirit can learn to overcome these energies by creating a sovereign energy field.

The peering matrix individual is entering the area where a Source Player, no longer connected to the HIVE INTELLIGENCE, exists. This Source Player’s consciousness and decisions are one’s own, because of the unlocking of the conscious script and sculpting of one’s reality from a higher, intuitive state of Reality, instead of the False, Egoic, and Mainly Physical Realms of Reality also referred to as “The Matrix.”

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