Hey, my name is Tanuj, and you have probably seen me from my YouTube channel, The Matrix Unveiled.

and since I was a young child, I have been OBSESSED, with learning how to reach higher states of consciousness…

I was OBSESSED with the concept of “DMT”…and researched for thousands of hours to understand everything about this chemical…including the fact that, it was actually possible to PRODUCE NATURALLY, within the HUMAN BRAIN!!!

I cannot tell you how much joy and happiness I felt, when I first read on the internet, that DMT was actually found within the human brain. It was first discovered by Dr. Rick Strassman.

From that day on, I spent almost all of my free time learning about “the spirit molecule”, as DMT is most commonly referred to as. But, I spent most of this time, learning the KEY SECRETS…that teach a person to RELEASE their very own DMT, from within their body and physiology…and today, I am very proud to have created this course, to show you the STEP BY STEP instruction manual, on exactly how to activate your pineal gland and release the DMT. 

So, you are probably wondering…who cares? What do I gain from activating my own pineal gland…well here is why.

Let me share with you…the story of my VERY FIRST awakening and self produced DMT experience…

So, one night, after hanging out with my college friends, I felt very strange within my body. I quickly ran to my room after we got back from hanging out, and told my friends I was calling it a night…I laid down and put on a meditation track…I was in for an INTENSE experience…

Immediately, I feel a 🔥 FIRE burning throughout my body and my spine. I thought I was going to EXPLODE. My energy⚡ (I didn’t know what it was at the time), explodes from my “root chakra🧘‍♂️”, and blasts through my whole body.

I start seeing hundreds of images and colors all flashing throughout my mind flying at “light speeds” throughout my brain. I heard several different voices all speaking to me simultaneously, whispering the secrets of the Universe and reality..

I felt the energy get stuck in a few spots of my body, the fire of my SOUL ENERGY⚡ being turned on for the first time was ready to CONSUME and OBLITERATE all these emotional blockages within me…

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the energy hit my pineal gland, EXPLODED in the center of my head, and I laid there in a pool of bliss, love, and joy. I had never felt such waves of ecstasy or energy from just laying down…I had released my own DMT 👁 for the very first time…

  • Frustrated with your current life situation?
  • Is life pointless to you?
  • Wondering if there is more “out there”?
  • Lost faith in religion, but still believe in “God”, aliens, and the Universe
  • Are you curious about the secrets of the Universe?


  • Activate your “third eye” and see into other dimensions
  • Activate your psychic abilities, such as telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection, psychokinesis, bi-location, reality creation, quantum leaping, and much more!
  • An innate knowing and wisdom of your highest purpose
  • Feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and BLISS any time you want
  • A DEEP Connection to the Universe
  • Release melatonin, and gain immensely restful sleep
  • Have a deep sense of presence, calmness, and “knowingness”, which is truly from a “higher power”
  • Sharpen your intuition to a razor sharp like precision
  • Become electromagnetic and high in-tune with energy fields
  • Navigate life in a “dream like manner”, with a clear sense of purpose and higher calling
  • Become and experience states of ONENESS with the Universe
  • See and UNVEIL the MATRIX for yourself!


  • I will teach how to activate your pineal gland in a repeatable, scientific, and noticeable manner
  • I will teach you how to become multidimensional
  • I will teach you how to see into other dimensions, read energies, and unlock your “dormant DNA”
  • I will show you how to connect into your most powerful technology within your body, and access the universal computer system.
  • I will show you breathing techniques and meditations that I PERSONALLY USE, to elevate my consciousness to quantum levels of vibration!



  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes of Video Footage
  • A PDF Quick Start Guide Detailing All of The Techniques




The information in this course is TRULY worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

There is absolutely NO PRICE that can make up for the INFINITE benefits and wisdom you will receive from activating your pineal gland. 5000 years ago, knowledge of this caliber was hidden from humanity to keep their consciousness suppressed and dormant, and the only way to get knowledge of this kind was to be enslaved to a “guru”, and worship him/her.

I am PROUD and EAGER to share it with you now, at an affordable price, and for anyone who feels called for receiving this knowledge.


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