Deprogram Your Shadow

Uncover who you are beyond the programming!

Learn how to deprogram your mind, become your own healer, and transform your darkness into light.


In this life changing course, you will uncover the programs which have prevented you from hearing spirits messages for far too long. While you may interpret your lack of connection as fear, anxiety, and unhealthy patterns in your life, I see it as your soul’s relentless way of expressing where you need to transform. Be prepared to gain a deep understanding of your programs and how they directly reflect where you find yourself in life. 

Take complete ownership of who you are and shine your light to all of the aspects contained within your shadow self.


Throughout the practices and lectures, you will begin to “do the work,” fully showing up for YOU and finally taking the driver seat, claiming the lead role of your reality– despite what aspects of yourself you encounter. This is the path to spiritual transcendence! Self-compassion, self-inquiry, self-mastery. Once you fully show up for yourself in this way, you reach new levels of consciousness, and your world will start to come alive again! 

The time has come, you are about to break free of blockages & conquer self-sabotaging programs!

Since birth, you have been programmed and indoctrinated into systems meant to keep you complacent. It is no wonder why most people feel stuck, confused, and search for external validation. In the last few years, the world has profoundly shifted, and addictive “comforts” that once numbed people no longer have the same effect. More and more people are waking up to the illusions and programs that exist all around.
Before you can effectively create your dream reality, attract healthy relationships, and live an authentic life, that you are proud and passionate about…

YOU MUST understand yourself on a precise level.


While I highly encourage people to look beyond the narrative, and to learn, research, and explore as much about spirituality and metaphysical knowledge.
There seems to be an unfortunate trend. After the initial blissful state in people’s awakening process: there is an influx of external knowledge seeking and a significant lack of inner work. 
When we fail to do the “inner work” consistently, we continue to seek a higher power separate from ourselves – and what’s an awakening but a remembrance that you are not separate from oneness!

Deprogramming your shadow is the most effective way to release fear. The shadow is the unconscious part of the brain and it directly influences a large amount of human behavior. Triggers, addictions, unhealthy patters, self-sabotaging behaviors all live in this shadow self. 

Shadow work refers to the process of understanding the rejected pieces of ourselves. Every experience, every memory, has been encoded it into our brains. Confronting your shadow self is key for spiritual growth, releasing fear, and living life more consciously. Through making the unconscious, conscious, you integrate your light to higher frequencies rather than being controlled by the dark side. Deprogramming your shadow connects you to your infinite supply of LOVE AND WISDOM WITHIN.


Why do I keep forgetting my divine nature and surrendering my power?!



The techniques in Deprogram Your Shadow, give you all the tools on one platform with sequenced videos, guiding you step-by-step.  

It’s important to remember, that YOU are responsible for your own healing and spiritual evolution. I am here to support, guide, and propel your practices!

Recognize your subconscious programs and establish your version of shadow work to rebuild yourself into the version you’ve always wanted to become.

Be prepared to gain a deeper understanding of your physical and energetic blockages, your wounded inner child, your higher self, and establish boundaries in relationships. 
This course will enhance your ability to connect with your intuition and anchor your self-healing abilities. No matter where you find yourself in the spiritual spectrum. This course is designed to help you remember who you truly are beneath the lifetime of programming.

Deprogramming brings light to the falsehoods your mind has held onto. Build a new foundation, where mind, body, and spirit are divinely aligned. 🖤 ⚔️🤍

Something about myself that my students and clients are surprised to hear, is that I have personally overcome extremely dark phases, dangerous situations, and toxic behaviors in my own life. I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and disconnected.

I come to you with zero judgment and 100% confidence that you will overcome the harsh programming and learn to accept and transform all aspects contained within your shadow self.

Sometimes it takes being dropped and shattered to remember those pieces were never even you. To start again is to have an endless slate of shapes and forms available to you.✨ Choose wisely, without fear, and rise up to YOUR TRUE SELF. The possibilities are endless..✨ Go hard!! My biggest lesson learned was failing to put my dreams first. Remember: The most important project you will ever work on is you!

The practices and lectures included have helped the students I work with time and time again. This is why I am certain that when you commit to deprogramming your shadow, you too will begin to uncover who you truly are beyond the programming.
Self-compassion + self-inquiry + self-mastery = Spiritual transcendence.
Once you fully show up for yourself in this way, you will reach new levels of consciousness. Your world will truly start to come alive again!


Deprogram Your Shadow with Lesly Damai Includes:

🗝 Lifetime access to my private Live Events and Lectures only available to students enrolled to the course.

🗝 Access to The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism Community Membership: A community focused on sharing metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual knowledge. NO ads or censorship. Post, converse, DM, and interact!

🗝 The best part is, Deprogram Your Shadows will constantly be updating and growing! New lessons, meditations, and classes will be added at no cost****

🗝Deprogram Your Shadow, offers all the tools you need in just one platform, with sequenced videos, guiding you step-by-step and “Soul Work” assignments to continue the lessons on your own

🗝 Interactive Lessons: After each lesson, you can comment, leave any questions, or DM mE!

 🗝 A complete video course on how to become your own healer

🗝 Remove mental, physical, and energetic blockages

🗝 Establish your shadow work rituals and dissolve negative patterns

🗝 Wake up to the Matrix Reality & social indoctrination system

🗝 Digital Classes include: Lectures, Yoga, Intuitive movement, energy and breath work.

🗝 1 hr. audio Ritual Guide to banish what no longer serves you

🗝 Guided Meditation: Clear Blockages Through Forgiveness

🗝 Inner child Healing & Integration

🗝 Maintain your Frequency High & Increase Your Consciousness by releasing fear based programs

🗝 Detailed PDF “Soul Work” assignments*****

🗝 Establish clear boundaries & communication in ALL areas of your life

🗝 Address and slowly dissolve any co-dependency and need for external validation


Your purchase NOW = LIFETIME ACCESS to a growing course and community, with new lessons, classes, and events uploaded regularly.

The “perfect time” to begin healing doesn’t exist. The only time is now! It’s your turn to step into your self-healing powers and deprogram your mind.
Uncover who you truly are beyond the programming!


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