Decoding the Saturn Moon Matrix Reality – How to Escape the Matrix Construct and Spiritually Ascend

Sat, April 9th, 2:00pm – 4:00pm EDT

Greetings Fellow Mystical Adepts, 

This Friday’s LIVE Lecture inside the School of Mysticism will be on “Decoding the Saturn Moon Matrix Reality, and How to Spiritually Ascend” out of the frequency bandwidth of the controlling archontic system. 

Did you know that long ago, in a time referred to as the “Golden Age”, that Saturn was once referred to as our native star?

Did you know that the Moon is actually NOT a native celestial body to the Earth realm, and that it was ARTIFICALLY created, by lower 4th dimensional negative entities, to create a FALSE reality, of control, fear, and manipulation?

Did you know, that WITHOUT the MOON and the Hijacked SATURNIAN celestial body, that the Earth would be in complete peace, prosperity, and harmony?

And…did you know, that the Dark Cabbalistic Black Magicians have spent trillions of dollars, sacrificed millions of lives, in BLOOD RITUALS, to energize the FALSE ARCHONTIC matrix overlay?

This is the reason why our matrix reality has become a PRISON PLANET, and a REALITY CAGE, instead of a higher vibrational planet of LOVE, UNITY, and True Connection to the Divine Spirit, as well as there being a frequency bandwidth, which acts a LIMITER to the energetic frequencies, trapping the human soul, and consciousness into the 5 sense reality, making it very difficult to expand their consciousness, tap into Infinite Awareness, and the TRUE SOURCE CREATOR, within each and everyone of us. 

We are being quarantined on this planet for a VERY SPECIFIC REASON, and in the following LIVE LECTURE, at The School of Mysticism, we will be breaking down, and cracking these archontic spells and codes, for the purposes of true spiritual ascension, and liberation. 

In the following LIVE LECTURE, we will be discussing the following: 

– The True Origins of the Archons and Demiurge Matrix System

– How the Saturn Moon Matrix Keeps your Perception Bandwidth of Consciousness Trapped and Limited to the 5 senses

– The steps, techniques, and methods to EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, and Break FREE From the False Matrix Reality Overlay. 

– How to PREVENT yourself from experiencing reincarnation, and being trapped on the PRISON PLANET EARTH REALM 

– Practical techniques to increase your energy, vibration, and ability to see through the veils of illusion, and tap into higher states of consciousness

– Creating Your Reality Outside of the Saturnian Matrix

– How the ELITE use BLACK MAGICK and have HIJACKED the Saturnian Matrix Reality to keep your consciousness trapped, and ignorant to the true reality

– Recommended readings, books, and material for further study, analysis, and freedom from the FALSE OVERLAY MATRIX. 

The event will be on SATURDAY (Day of Saturn), April 9th, at 2 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME. It will be a 1 hour 30 minutes to, 2 hour live lecture. 

This event will be recorded, and available for replay, for all students enrolled in the Mystical Adept Monthly Membership (or equivalent plan). 

Bring your questions, thoughts, and theories. We will have a discussion amongst the students. All questions and perspectives are welcome. 

Looking forward to your attendance and participation, talk to you very soon. 

It is TIME to FREE Our Consciousness and REACH QUANTUM GNOSIS!!!

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Tanuj Soodan

Head Instructor and Creator of The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism 

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