Dear Friend,

In the following video, I discuss with you, the “World Elite”, or the Cabbalistic Black Magicians.

It is long known, that there is a very dark, very sinister, and very archaic black magical force, that has been controlling humanity for centuries.

It is now apparent, in this day and age, that this World Elite, ahs become corrupted, and completely drunk on its own power, to control, manipulate, and dominate humanities’ consciousness and reality.

In the following YouTube video, we streamed for 3 HOURS, of straight cosmic wisdom, and my own research of how we can break the spells of the Cabal.

I also share with you, my own experiences with these Archonic forces of reality, and how many of us have been extremely manipulated into their control, without our consent, or awareness.

I decided to share this one live, to the YouTube audience, but in truth, there is WHOLE LOT, that is not shared on YouTube, but reserved EXCLUSIVELY, for the Mystical Adepts, at the School of Mysticism!

For example, in my Decoding the Matrix Reality Video Course, we dive into so much depth, including the following…

Access to over 10 hours of video content footageThe Blueprints to the Matrix Reality and Ancient History ExplainedThe Source Player’s Field Guide to The Matrix RealityThe Matrix Galactic Wars and Interdimensional Communications DecodedNavigating the Demiurge, Archonic Forces, and NPCs within the Matrix

 Many uncensored conversations, as well as an open community, all eagerly sharing knowledge, experiences, and experiencing real mystical teachings await you, inside the School of Mysticism!

Well, what are you waiting for my friend? Join us here!

Enjoy the FREE 3 HR YouTube Video,

and after you watch it, then I highly recommend you take the plunge, and join me inside the School!

Talk to you soon,

Peace and love,

Tanuj Soodan

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