What Is An Energy Vampire?

The Energy Vampire

The energy or psychic vampire, is one of the most interesting, archaic, and important concepts for a soul to understand on their spiritual journey. An energy vampire, simply put, is someone who feeds off of the lower vibrational energies of other people, in order to feel “alive”, sustained, happy, and energetic. They, quite literally, feed off of the “life force” of others by drawing other’s energy into their own energy field.

Energy vampires are incredibly common in the modern day world, so its incredibly important to decipher when you are in contact with one. Most energy vampires are not consciously aware of what they are doing, and are actually being controlled by lower vibrational entities that are inhabiting or “piggybacking” in their aura. The lower vibrational energy/entity is feeding off of the energy that the person is unconsciously providing it.

How Do Energy Vampires Work?

How does this work, you may ask? Its very simple. The energy vampire triggers your emotional/pain body by provoking you with a psychic attack. This psychic attack can manifest in the form of a hurtful remark, negative gossip, verbal slander, or even something as extreme as physical violence. It’s important to understand, psychic vampires cannot appear in your reality, if you have no entry points, or wounds that they can exploit.

One of the best ways to understand how to protect yourself from psychic attacks, is to see what energies the person is communicating with you. For example, if a psychic vampire knows you have a sexual weakness or physical insecurity, they will use this to extract emotional energy from you. After they physically or verbally attack you, your auric field will release energy and their energy field will absorb it. Its very important to understand that, in the modern age, psychic attacks do not solely happen in person, as they can happen over the digital web as well. Many internet “trolls”, bullies, or critics, are simply energy vampires that have not learned how to heal their energies, nor build their own energies, therefore they seek to feed off the energy of others.

Most people become energy vampires because of a lack of self love, connection to Divine Self/Oneness, and a lack of ability to feel and connect to the energy around them. Therefore, they rely on other people’s supply of energy to survive. Many people have negative interactions with energy vampires, or more commonly known as “narcissists”.

Some of the most common forms of energy vampirism are listed below:

  • Approval seeking/validation seeking energy vampires
  • Attention seekers (think about people constantly posting selfies, desiring to be complimented and adored)
  • Bullies, trolls, critics, and hateful people (these people will trigger your self worth and diminish your intrinsic value, having you seek their approval or admiration, so you constantly are in a weaker power dynamic with them)
  • People who take advantage of you, financially, physically, spiritually, and any other way. If there is an unequal distribution of energy, then this is energy vampirism. People who want things for free, or steal, as well, are energy vampires, because they do not give, and expect to recieve. This is not how healthy energy dynamics work.
  • Physical abusers, narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths
  • Gaslighters, smear campaigns, cult leaders
  • “Black magicians”, sorcerers, blood ritualistic sacrifices, energy extractions, and any sort of sacrificial magick.

Above, are some of the most common forms of energy vampirism, but not a full comprehensive list of this. There is a wide variety of energy vampirism, and the intensity can range from a mild annoyance, to a severe threat to your life and psychological sanity.

How Can You Spot Energy Vampirism?

Anytime you feel weak, tired, abused, angry, attacked, triggered, sad, depressed, shameful, embarrassed, heartbroken, or any other kind of lower vibrational emotion, which is being directly caused by another person, you can safely say, that someone is attempting to steal your life force energy. You must first identify when this phenomenon is occurring, and you will quickly be able to them neutralize it. They may be doing this consciously, or unconsciously, but it is still happening regardless.

How Can You Stop Your Energy From Being Drained?

You must first understand that you are not a victim to your reality. This means that you ate responsible for the energy vampire in your life, and that you attracted it for a specific soul reason. The energy vampire, is serving as a catalyst for your own spiritual evolution and regaining your power.

Often times, this issue is connected with the “solar plexus” chakra, or “lower dantian”, which is responsible for our personal power. If we have a weakness in reclaiming our own power, we will attract energy vampires and narcissistic people into our reality, in order to mirror and reflect this back to us.

Everything that you experience, is the Universe mirroring back to you what your vibrational field contains. The first step is to admit that you attracted an energy vampire into your reality. Next, learn to no longer emotionally or mentally react to their comments, attacks, or perceptions. Their opinions, ideas, amd concepts of your individual, are simply their own, and have no correlation with your reality. Create a humorous situation out of their words and emotions to difuse the situation. This will help you transmute the energy into something more positive and uplifting.

Note: If you are being physically attacked or harassed, its imperative you go to your local authorities immediately and put safe distance between any abuser that is hurting you.

Once you accept that you manifested this person, you can learn the lesson, by claiming your power back, and becoming a creator being again. Go within yourself, meditate on your solar plexus chakra, release any energy cords that surround this area, imagine them dissolving or cutting.

Additionally, you can focus deeply on an individual who may be the manifestation of this energy vampire, and speak out loud to the Universe, “I release this person from my reality, and all perceived notions of power they may have had over me. I am a free, sovereign, divine being, and I reclaim my energy from this being. I release all cords and energies tying myself to this indivual”.

Phrase it in any way you would like, and you will be powerfully on your way to removing all energy vampires from your life in no time! You deserve to be a free, soverign, and loving being, surrounded by higher vibrational beings! Do not accept less than this, and remember, you attract what you are! If you still feel that you are attracting energy vampires, go deeper within, and ask yourself the brutally honest question “how am I acting as an energy vampire to myself or the people around me?”. We often block our own energy field and flow of energy out of fear, lack of self worth, and inner confidence/love, and then this will manifest with others as well.

A few more thing that you can do to starve energy vampires are…

  • Practice meditation to master your thoughts and emotions
  • Surround yourself with black tourmaline crystals (protects from negative energy)
  • Cut cords from unhealthy people, places, and situations
  • Learn to “say no” when your energy feels tired, low, or is not being fairly reciprocated
  • Practice energy shielding with visualizations and working with energy
  • Go into nature frequently to recharge your solar/auric body
  • Become observant as opposed to reactive

Can You Help Me Become Free From Energy Vampires?

Yes, I can, I have learned how they operate through my own experiences, and I have coached dozens of individuals to master freeing themselves from energy vampires. I will show the inner work that needs to be done to free yourself from them, and provide you with support, supplemental techniques as well. If you would like my personal guidance, I can assist you after you apply for my coaching program here.

You can also check out my Lightbody Merkaba Activation Course here, which will give you a much more powerful auric field, to stop others from being able to “hook” into your aura so easily. This is a powerful course that will teach you how to strengthen your energy field tenfold.

I hope this article was informative for you, and gave you guidance. If it was, and you truly benefited from it, you can always show your appreciation with a donation below.

Thank you for reading, infinite love, gratitude, and best of luck to you on your spiritual journey!

The Universe is composed of INFINITE LOVE!

Tanuj Soodan 💛

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