These courses are designed by Tanuj Soodan, to give step by step instructions on how to evolve your consciousness, raise your vibration, become your higher self, and build a deep connection to the Universal consciousness.

Do you know about the immense ability that is contained within your pineal gland?

Have you heard about unlocking DMT naturally? Learn how to TRULY activate your pineal gland to release your own natural DMT!

Explore the multi-dimensional reality, altered states of consciousness, transcend and unveil the Matrix!


This course will teach you the basics of mastering spiritual awakening, navigating emotions, healing your soul, protecting your energy, and raising your vibration.

Over 4 hours of videos, training, techniques, and information!

The price is HEAVILY discounted right now, at $37, and it will not be at this low price for long!

Grab it for LIFETIME, ASAP, so you can master and easily navigate the Spiritual Awakening


The Psychokinesis Mastery Course is finally out!

Have you ever wanted to move things with your mind?

This course will teach you all the essential fundamentals and advanced level techniques on how to do telekinesis, aerokinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, telekinesis, magnetism, connect to the energies of nature, harmonize and raise your frequency, and so much more!!! 


Lightbody Merkaba Activation Course

Learn how to activate your merkaba field, light body, astral body, energy field, and soul energy. Follow the simple techniques in the course, and you will activate your energy signature! Transform and evolve your consciousness today! Activate your dormant DNA, become a multidimensional light being, and navigate the world multi-dimensionally! This course will teach you all about the Merkaba field, how to activate the light body, and use this soul technology, to raise your consciousness and explore the Matrix reality. 


A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation (E-Book + Video!)

This mini-course, will teach you the beginning steps to meditate, featuring some of Tanuj’s very own personalized techniques. The file is downloadable, and also includes a video tutorial, showing breathing techniques to stimulate the pineal gland.




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