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Hey, I am Tanuj Soodan, the creator of The Matrix Unveiled.
I am a professional Spiritual Life Coach, self-improvement connoisseur, energy and meditation practitioner. and so much more.
I strive to make the world a better place, by spreading consciousness, awareness, and awakening, to people all across the world.
As a child, I was obsessed with raising my consciousness, and understanding things like “God”, the Universe, aliens, the purpose of life, how to live a meaningful life, and so much more.
I spent most of my younger and teenage years reading information on spirituality, watching videos, meditating, introspecting, connecting to nature, and digesting as much information, as I could, to learn everything I could about various subjects such as spirituality, consciousness, psychology, meditation, entrepreneurship, politics, relationships, economics, and a variety of other things. Currently, I am a junior, at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus, pursuing my undergraduate degree in Psychology.
What Is Coaching?

During a 1 on 1 coaching call, Tanuj will guide you in a variety of topics, and powerfully guide you to becoming a better version of yourself. 

The Benefits of Coaching
  • Discover your biggest goals, dreams, desires, and life purpose
  • Create powerful vision for your life purpose and goals
  • Identify action steps, that will take you closer to your goal
  • Coaching is a POWERFUL 1 on 1 experience of identifying your deepest fear, insecurities, blocks, and obstacles
  • Learn to activate your energy signature
  • Create powerful relationships, friendships, and connections
  • Learn how to FINALLY become financially free
  • Become the highest version of yourself
  • Learn how to live in abundance
  • Unlock your psychology
  • 10 X your learning curve
  • Align deeply with the Universe

Book A Consultation

Are you interested becoming your highest version of your self, spiritual, and life coaching?
I am only interested in working with SERIOUS applicants, who wish to dive deeper into themselves, and TRULY evolve their consciousness to their highest potential.
I work with people over the span of several months, who wish to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.
Book your appointment now, and we can begin coaching together!


Rogelio Diaz

Tanuj is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. He is incredibly helpful, genuine, and profoundly gifted. His guidance has inspired me to dive deeper into…
Jessica Harrington


Psychokinesis course helped me with truly connecting to the energy fields around me and absorb them properly to disperse harmony when training, compared to using your own chi all the time which results in sluggish movements ahaha. Thx man for some insight
Denzel Martinez

Tanuj is a very knowledgable individual regarding spiritual evolution. He is well versed in various occult subjects and has been able to bridge together various practices to bring about a genuine change that you can have within yourself through practice and patience. During his consultation he was able to answer many questions I had about various topics with ease. Also, his course on cultivating endogenous DMT is clear cut and concise. I can’t wait to evolve my own consciousness further through these practices.
Marcus Muniz

Awesome program for beginners & even more advanced individuals !!
I learned a lot.
Travis Cupp

I bought the DMT course which I am currently practicing. The techniques are very simple and to the point which is a style that I like. The videos give a good background discussion with clearly explained practices to follow. Bravo Tanuj!
Kevin Kilpatrick

Tanuj is a very knowledgable individual regarding spiritual evolution. He is well versed in various occult subjects and has been able to bridge together various practices to bring about a genuine change that you can have within yourself through practice and patience. During his consultation he was able to answer many questions I had about various topics with ease. Also, his course on cultivating endogenous DMT is clear cut and concise. I can’t wait to evolve my own consciousness further through these practices.

I have A LOT of childhood trauma and I meditate often….I keep it to myself because I dont want to bother anyone…I do my best to just live…I got an ugly story but maybe u need to hear it so here it is…My Mother is passed and both of my brothers forced their own passing shortly after….I found out that my father had a lot to do with both my Brothers demise… When my older brother passed away I had seen it in premonition and begged my father to break down a door so that I could check on him because I saw that he was going to die that day and I saw the manner in which he did it…. I begged my father to open the door or break down the door and he refused because he didn’t want to pay for the door. I offered to pay for the door it was a junkie $50 door but apparently it was worth more than my brother’s life… My father then proceeded to get very angry with me because he doesn’t like that I know things and he told me that if I didn’t leave I would regret it… My father has this thing where he likes to choke me….He used to wake me up dragging me out of my bed by my neck… He did that in front of my daughter a lot too and I didn’t want to hit my dad so I let him do it…I didnt send my Daughter a good message by doing that…I made a final stand . . I left the house and my father called 20 minutes later and told me my brother died and to come home… I feel very guilty that I didn’t just blow through my dad an open that door…. I didn’t want to be choked anymore so I left. …I went against what I knew and saw was going to happen to save myself. … I was too scared to call 911 and just have them show up because idk what my father would have done with me if I had been wrong because he kept telling me I was wrong … I went against what my soul was telling me and I have to live with that and it isn’t easy… I also saw how my little brother would die and thought that the second time around my father would change. ..He didn’t …He got worse. …My father argued with my little brother the day before he killed himself. …My father told him his daughter was not his and that my brother was stupid. ..He told us all we were stupid… he told us all we should have never been born… I described my brother’s first suicide attempt to my father and to my brother himself. I told him exactly what he did it…My lil brother was scared of me after that, but I’ve been this way since I was 8 …It was right after my great-grandmother passed away that I began having something xtra.. Again, my father didn’t listen ….My brother didn’t listen… He died…Exactly how I saw it… My father is very well off, but refused to bury him… Shortly after, my father told me he wouldn’t care if I killed myself…My Daughter was in the next room…I was so shocked and so hurt that I cried and as I did I looked at him and he smiled the most evil smile at me…. I have suffered, I have lost, but that’s not the end of my story….I knew my father was not my people and I had to find my own…. I came across The Matrix Unveiled on a live stream and I’ve been learning and applying his methods ever since… I decided to try his free meditation course…. His energy, his voice and his words soothed me…I wasnt even half way through and the tears just streamed down my face…I was purging…I felt what he said….to my core…I did what he said and I released some ugly built up stuff…My heart rate went back to normal…I FELT LOVE 4 MYSELF…I have felt so unloved in my life and 4 so long… I treated myself like my father did cuz I thought I was a mistake…I have a long way to go but Tanuj’s meditation guide really helped me…I CANT RECCOMEND IT ENOUGH!!! …All I can say is TRY it…but u gotta REALLY put yourself through it…Listen to his voice, follow what he says and LET IT ALL GO!!!….I CANT TELL U HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL…AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!
Meshell Mya Bell

I just had my first session with Tanuj. What a great guy! He is very wise and full of knowledge in so many aspects of life for a young person, it’s so refreshing. In just one session, he has shared some valuable theory and has given me advice and tips to strengthen my energy field. I will be putting them into practice immediately. Tanuj’s energy is so calm and loving that you will forget you are having a session. I highly recommend this young spitfire to anyone who is serious about bettering your life and learning on a deeper level, what we are all about. This guy knows his stuff! Definitely booking session again, thank you my friend!
Paul Brevetti

Hey everyone!
Been meaning to share a bit about my experience working with Tanuj.
I gotta say, working with him for the last five weeks has been very productive! Heck, I made a lot of progress after our first session. It’s amazing how the universe starts working with you once you commit to something so essential. It helps to write notes and give yourself homework between sessions. Don’t apply unless you are serious about making BIG changes in your life. You’ll only get what you put into it anyway. Tanuj offers very wise advise and most importantly, asks life changing questions. Looking forward to working with him again!

I stumbled upon Tanuj in a telekinesis group that I am unsure how I ended up in on Facebook. I have recently woke up to an extreme factor and discovered I have telekinesis and other abilities I never thought existed. I never even stopped to question whether spiritual beings or other existences were real. I was very sad, lost, lonely, and afraid when I let an abuser come into my life two years ago. I put up with the abuse because I thought it was better than being alone. After the relationship ran its course, and my soul gave me the strength to let go, I was left with horrible intrusive thoughts from several negative entities feeding on me, that the abuser had transferred to me. I began energetic healing modalities out of instinct and was able to engage my chakras and remove the dark and send it to the light, but now I continue to encounter other dark entities along my journey, and I struggle to know how to handle them and what is for my highest good. I have consulted my reiki healer, who helped me tremendously, and a guru in Portland, but the feedback I get often does not feel right. Speaking with Tanuj about these things, and the paths I choose, feels right. I can tell he has the best intentions for himself, others, and even the dark entities he encounters. He recognizes that love is the only answer and that dark needs to be shown the way to the light. This is what I have been feeling all along and to have my thoughts immediately confirmed by a person that has such an immense ability to move energy in our matrix gives me the hope and drive to keep going. He literally confirms what I have been told from my over soul as if we are being sent the same information to wake up and help others do the same. It is comforting to be able to consult him and it makes me feel like with his further guidance, and some practice, I will be able to grow my abilities and possibly help the collective change to a brighter, love filled future. I am thankful for him and all the synchronicities that put him in my path.
Heidi Lane


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