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Greeting tribe,

The darkness charges and bulls head on through humanity, what is needed now is an oppositional force of luminous power to charge against and past the rising darkness!

Watch my latest video: The Wetiko Virus Exposed and Gnostic Inversion, Breaking The Black Magic Spell for a deep decoding of the current state of humanity. 🗝️👁

Also, we have LIVE EVENT THIS SUNDAY! ⤵️

TUNE INTO the LIVE LECTURE on SUNDAY, JANUARY 29th, on WORD MAGICK and How to Cast Your Spell of Existence, Affirmation, and Awareness. 


Continuing our lessons in decoding the “art of magick” and all that it is, we begin with “The Elements of Spell Crafting,” utilizing real-life magickal spells, incantations, affirmations, frequencies, energies, intentions, and more.

This lesson teaches about the DIVINE POWERS of Thought, Emotion, Feeling, and Intention.

Specifically, we discuss the Elements of Spellcrafting, what is needed and required to “create,” such spell crafting, reality creation ideals, and the techniques and strategies to “recode one’s Matrix Reality” from fears, limitations, and the 3D dimensions of living, into a higher realized spiritual essence and existence, focused on “reality creation,” trans-dimensional surfing, navigating and mapping the ethereal planes, manifestation, healing, unlocking subconscious memories, ideas, traumas, and more.

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Also, Tanuj’s new book Agenda AI: Avoid The Archon Deception of The Simulatrix : Modern Society Gone Rogue! IS OUT ON 3.7.22! ⤵️

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