Exposing the Religious Programming and Breaking False Light Matrix Spells
Greetings Friends,

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion on religious programming, limiting matrix programming, and various other matrix spells that have plagued our consciousness.

In the following video, above, myself, and Quantum Marie, another amazing YouTuber, and Spiritual Teacher/Tarot Card Reader, discuss the pitfalls, traps, deceptions, and programs that limit our consciousness severely.

Watch the FULL 1 hour free video on YouTube here. 

Also, our LIVE EVENT, on Saturday, at the School of Mysticism, was INCREDIBLE!!!

We had a very powerful full breakdown of the entire religious programming system, and how to unveil from it.

In the following live lecture, I discussed how ALL religions are matrix programs, which serve as vampirism for Souls, and keep them trapped into a lower frequency, where they become energetic food for other entities.

We broke down the entire Gnostic teachings, explaining and exposing the truths about religion, the FALSE matrix overlays, and the MAIN reasons, why humanity has been so trapped spiritually for eons.

Here was the entire list of topics covered inside the lecture:

Watch the REPLAY of “Decoding the Saturn Moon Matrix Reality, and How to Spiritually Ascend” Now!

– The True Origins of the Archons and Demiurge Matrix System

– How the Saturn Moon Matrix Keeps your Perception Bandwidth of Consciousness Trapped and Limited to the 5 senses

– The steps, techniques, and methods to EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, and Break FREE From the False Matrix Reality Overlay. 

– How to PREVENT yourself from experiencing reincarnation, and being trapped on the PRISON PLANET EARTH REALM 

– Practical techniques to increase your energy, vibration, and ability to see through the veils of illusion, and tap into higher states of consciousness

– Creating Your Reality Outside of the Saturnian Matrix

– How the ELITE use BLACK MAGICK and have HIJACKED the Saturnian Matrix Reality to keep your consciousness trapped, and ignorant to the true reality

– Recommended readings, books, and material for further study, analysis, and freedom from the FALSE OVERLAY MATRIX. 

Watch the REPLAY of “Decoding the Saturn Moon Matrix Reality, and How to Spiritually Ascend” Now!

PS, this replay WILL not be available for too long, so access it NOW, before it is locked in the archives, where you will only be able to access it, after being a member for X amount of days…

Talk to you soon,

Tanuj Soodan

Watch the Replay!

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