Become The Phoenix
Do you want to RISE like a PHOENIX?

Perhaps you are going through a period of stagnation, depression, low vibration, or resistance…

Maybe you just feel stuck, lost, or burnt out…

Trust me, its normal…very common in the “energy and spiritual community”

The reason is because we are CONSTANTLY rebirthing ourselves, as the PHOENIX, from the ashes of old identities, programs, limitation,s and societal conditioning

The awakening of Spirit is like a DIVINE FIRE, where ONE awakens to the TRUTH of SPIRIT and GNOSIS 

A blazed are all of the limitations, toxic energies, and fear…

Does that sound like you? Do you want to get to this point, as the Phoenix?

where you COAST, VIBE HIGH, and are IN CHARGE or your reality creation? 

You must do the inner work, face your fears, confront the doubts, worries, and limitations, matrix programs, 

Rekindle the DIVINE FIRE from within , Alchemize the Shadows, Step into the Truth Vibrations, and SLAY the Falsehoods, traumas, and FEARS

It’s time…TOMORROW we continue with WEEK 2 of 

The Mystical Adept’s 8 Week Training Program  

For Week 2’s curriculum, we will be diving deep into 

  • Inner trauma healing, remedying limiting beliefs, blockages, and doubts on your purpose and mission in life.
  • Guided Healing and Trauma Releasing Meditations
  • Shadow Integration and Soul Fragmentation Healing 
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energy Processing, Presence, and
  • Activating the Inner Phoenix Rebirthing Process!

If you are one of the students watching every video, applying every lesson, and learning profusely,

But you still don’t feel like it’s enough, I highly encourage you to join the Group Training Program…

Who’s going to get the remaining spots for our mega acceleration class?

Join WEEK 2’S LIVE EXLCUSIVE 2 HR CLASS with the Mystical Adept’s 8 Week Tribe, 

Register here!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. 5 spots remaining before out 8 week training program, WEEK 2: BEGINS THIS SATURDAY at 10 am. 

Stay well



Join Week 2’s Inner Alchemization and Shadow Work Mastery

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