Break Free Now!

Hey, if you are still waiting for something outside of yourself, an external messianic savior, a Cosmic Solar Flash, interdimensional aliens, or a Plasma Cataclysms, or even a Total Collapse of the Matrix Control Systems, you need to realize, you are externalizing your power! Don’t wait to break free, you can easily tap into the highest vibrations, timelines, and versions of yourself right now!

So, if you are still living in a reality of fear, doubt, or lack, And you feel like you are trapped in a cage, of limiting belief systems, A web of control and limitation, all around you, you NEED to learn how to break free from the systems of control.

Don’t let the next few years slip by, while the systems of control, and authority take more and more of your personal freedom and conscious development.

Break Free Now!

It’s up to you to take personal responsibility and reclaim your power…

Which is why, The School of Mysticism was created, to help assist you, in developing your spiritual power, and awareness, something that no controlling factions or external authority, religious, governmental, or “interdimensional”, can rake away from you.

Inside the School of Mysticism will will teach you the following:

  • Your connection to “Source”, or the All, or Infinite Consciousness.
  • With the power of the Infinite Consciousness you can free your mind, soul, and heart, evolve to higher timelines and realities, and enjoy a peaceful, blissful, and high vibrational reality.
  • You can realize, that you are the Magickal Creator of your own Reality, and that your Divine Sovereign Will is the TRUE POWER in your life!
  • You can learn to shift your reality, become multidimensional, see into other dimensions and realities, become telepathic, and telekinetic.
  • You can also learn to manifest incredible results, and shift you reality to a magical, harmonious, highly evolve, 5D+ state of reality.

We are the Living Energetic/Cosmic Force, and it flows through us as our Source of Power and Spiritual Awareness. As I type and share this message to you, I am currently in Costa Rica, and have spent the last week enjoying the beautiful beaches, soaking up all the high vibration energies, sun, and prana. We are going to be closing enrollment to the School of Mysticism this school year, on May 1st, 2022! This is your LAST CHANCE to enroll for this school year, and get in on the Level 1 courses, trainings, and curriculum.

n our Year 2 launch, our course curriculum will be expanding and generating a whole new version of our Mystery School education services.

Last chance to enroll, May 1st, 11:59 PM, the Energetic Gates close to the School of Mysticism to outsiders and new students. Don’t let the opportunity of a LIFETIME, the chance to learn REAL MAGICK, AND REAL MYSTICAL TEACHINGS, slip by.

Our next enrollments will be announced for Fall of 2022. We will be launching several new course plans, and semester enrollment options, with Year 1 courses, and Year 2 curriculum as well. So, before we launch Year 2, I recommend you join and master the basics of the Year 1 curriculum. To free yourself from the systems of energetic control, reincarnation and spiritual ignorance, is to accept one must master their energetic signature, and to seek gnosis on the path to mastery.

Don’t live you life in ignorance, suffering, and being controlled by negative external forces anymore, learn to gain power over your own reality, for yourself and your Eternal Spirit.

Enroll Now in our most popular student option, the Mystical Adept Monthly Membership here.

P.S. LAST CHANCE to enroll for this school year, May 1st, 11:59 PM, the Energetic Gates close to the School of Mysticism to outsiders and new students.…

Talk to you soon,

Tanuj Soodan

Head Instructor at

The School of Mysticism

Break Free Now!…

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