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Greetings tribe,ย 

The “Archon deception of the Simulatrix”, is vastly sinking. Prepare now to become sovereign, and reverse all archontic programs from your Spirit, enter the true Multiverse!

The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth and the never-ending continuation of Maya…

The false overlay, 3-dimensional Earth matrix experience is about to be brought down by the forces of divine light and authority. They enter the black cube of the matrix, the Saturnian cube prison, to the band of frequencies that limits and restricts the energetic consciousness of human beings. The spiritual being’s bandwidth limitation will be lifted, and the veils will be lifted. When the Orion Saturnian magical grid system comes crashing down, larger entities and beings can create gaps and holes to enter.

Locations on the Earth grid have already begun to stream the full energetic code of Gaia and her divine essence transmitted through the trees, forests, fungal networks, oceans, and rivers. These intelligences are creating a higher dimensional plane of existence and frequency. The energies of Earth and Gaia, the All Mother or the All Goddess, are at war with the ancient giants and titans, Kronos/Saturn, for dominion and energetic domain of this world and its physical incarnation.

Humans have immense spiritual and energetic potential to rewrite the codes and transmissions that broadcast. They can choose to side with Saturn, his archons, the Demiurge, and his minions who want to create a technocratic, slavery-based AI Earth, where all bow to an advanced AI quantum computer, and the full takeover by the Black Hole Sun will devour this reality. Saturn is known as the Devourer because he eats worlds, and the only way he was stopped from eating his children was when Zeus and his brother worked with Queen Mother Sophia/Tiamat to fight and defeat the ancient Saturnian/Elohim lord.

The world around you is changing evermore. Prepare yourself during these CRUCIAL times and, most importantly, energetic shifts. Sovereignty is NOW.

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